Ceiling panels Decorative panel

Parador ceiling panels Decorative panel - a view beyond the boundaries of the room

If the floor of a room presents itself above all as a solid underground of dimensionally stable material, whose near-to-earth nature is due to its load-bearing capacity, the ceiling has always been reminiscent of heavenly heights, whose limits are played out by our own fantasies. Apart from the colour of the ceiling, it is mainly the light of the sun and, in the same context, that of the stars that shines, which is our real attention. And not without good reason. The retreat of man, his house and his own four walls are far away from any day and night rhythm. Depending on its composition, artificial light imitates sunlight and, far from the starry sky, shapes stars by means of creative lighting design. That which is above must therefore touch and create an atmosphere of its own aspiration. This is guaranteed by the ceiling panels from the brand manufacturer PARADOR®, which use natural wood reproductions to transform the light into an ambience of natural origin.

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PARADOR® a company that promises quality

The credo of the German company PARADOR® with its headquarters in Coesfeld is, according to its own statements, "We make your home the most beautiful home in the world". The specialist for parquet, laminate and wall and ceiling panels is a traditional wood-processing company that is not only committed to the ecologically responsible use of this valuable natural raw material and other natural resources, but also understands how to create convincing and unusual products through its inventive talent, creative designs and outstanding installation looks. The cooperation with renowned artists and designers and the courage to always break new ground is the key concept of this company, which has been awarded with numerous prizes, such as the German Design Award or the reddot Award for product design. The Parador ceiling panels Decorative Panel therefore also keeps its promise: from the finest wood reproductions to extravagant object studies with the promise of extreme originality combined with ergonomic functionality. This is evident not only in the designed surface and joint transitions, but also in the heat resistance in continuous operation of recessed luminaires and light resistance to fading. At its core, however, individual charm is underpinned by HDF/MDF core stability, and the perfect click mechanism makes it an assembly-friendly, long-lasting, patented living space design.

Wood or structure - the frame for natural light

A special highlight of every room is the light, the origin of all colours. The ceiling, as the carrier of the light sources of almost all interior lighting, is given special importance as the basis for installation and as the main optical focus. In this context, ceiling painting is only one creative example of many, which has continued with the ceiling panelling and the ceiling panels to the present day. The scattering factor of the surface and the surface design provide the stage for the light and its strange magic in the room. Designed and smooth, the surfaces of the Parador ceiling panel collection look ultramodern and precise in depth and structure. Light reflections enliven rooms and act as an additional lighting factor that distributes light evenly. On the other hand, the light scatters matt on the wood texture, warming and creating a cosy atmosphere. Depending on the nature of the room and the interior design, the modern ceiling is the icing on the cake of creative living space development. The product ranges of PARADOR® seem to have been almost created with this in mind.