Parador Wall Panel Dekor Panel

Wall and ceiling panels produce unique results

You can expect individual and stylish results from the high-quality decor panels for walls and ceilings from Parador. They give walls and ceilings their individual charm and are available in a wide range of decors and colours from Parquetkaiser. Diverse design wishes and harmonious interiors are easy to realise, because in addition to its incomparable quality, Parador also stands for creative moulding styles and great decors with different structures and authentic wood interpretations. The healthy living materials are distinguished by the test certificate of the "LGA" and the environmental label "Der Blaue Engel".

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Pardor decorative and structural panels - multi-talented in a wide range of colours

The decorative panels are suitable for a wide range of wall and ceiling applications. They were developed to ensure easy handling and to create a pleasant living environment. They can be ordered in different widths and joint variants as well as with different mounting systems. The typical Parador interpretation of precious woods is also found in the authentic decor papers for this product range. With the decorative panels you set an unmistakable accent in the room, but you can also develop your personal design will and creativity. You will find the right panels from Parador for every wall and every ceiling at Engineered Wood Flooring.

Construction of ceiling or attic

There's always something to do - get on with it! The Parador ceiling panels are the ideal companion when it comes to extending the attic or adding a personal touch to a ceiling. The perfect wood reproductions or the natural stone looks are light in design and in no way reminiscent of the heavy wood panelling of past times. The construction is particularly high-quality and easy to renovate due to its low construction height. With the RapidoClick system you get tested E1 quality with a filigree designer joint. The high-density HDF core and the high-gloss decor paper create a convincing overall impression.

The ceiling panels close without a bevel, which means without a visible end to each other, and the RapidoClick click system allows easy installation with fastening claws for click systems. These products are suitable for all living areas and rooms with changing climatic conditions such as kitchen or bathroom, but not for splash water areas. They can also be used to retrofit rooms with lighting or acoustic systems. This turns architectural necessities into expressive ceiling elements without limiting personal taste.

Large-area walls, sloping ceilings or individual design elements

The ClickBoard wall panels are fastened to the substructure within the area with center cramps. Their weight with wide battens makes them ideal for use on walls or pitched roofs. The patented click system enables quick, easy and safe installation of the wall panels. Designer joints in this product range from Parador guarantee particularly attractive transitions and an exclusive look thanks to filigree transitions. ClickBoard wall panels are designed for installation in damp rooms. Sun rays have no chance on the surface with light resistance according to DIN EN ISO 4892-2 Whitesmoke, taupe, concrete, primed, textured, white or cream - the patented click mechanism Safe-Lock® is full of the finest technology. The panels are quickly and stably joined together and snap securely into place. The joints are almost invisible after installation. Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief because mites and dust cannot adhere to the smooth surface.

Top-modern appearance is combined with simple action and in the end you get a universal solution for your very personal design wish. In addition, the ClickBoard product line is easy to clean, durable and highly resilient. In addition, the exclusive ProAir® system from Parador neutralises unpleasant odours and thus contributes to a healthy and pleasant room climate. Organic colours were used for the decorative layer and the coating with embossed structure is created by a highly abrasion-resistant top layer of melamine resin. Lightweight walls, facing shells, roof slopes or to accentuate individual walls: save yourself a lot of time with the primed surfaces, because paint or wallpaper can be applied directly.

Parador wall and ceiling range:
  • Wide range of applications and decors
  • Edge profiles and edge strips for a matching finish
  • Light installation and heat resistant up to 110 degrees
  • Light resistance according to DIN EN ISO 4892-2 prevents fading due to sunlight
  • High-density fibreboards and authentic decor papers in many finishes
  • Assembly-friendly formats and easy handling
  • Low emission, low allergy, tested for harmful substances and long lasting
  • LGA" test certificate, "Blue Angel" eco-label and PEFC seal for sustainable forest management
  • Safe Lock® click mechanism and moisture-proof ClickBoard panels
  • Tongue-and-groove plug-in profile for floating installation of decorative panels and RapidoClick
  • Various profiles and decors for perfect matching on wall and ceiling surfaces