Tarkett Parquet Noble

Parquet flooring in the classic style of the 50s
Parquet floor Noble - Modular flooring with inspiration

Some things are so good, they just keep coming back. This is also the case with the parquet flooring of this series, which brings back the 50s in a modular look. The classic modular technology of those days is experiencing a revival and shows itself with exciting dynamics and timeless inspirational ideas.

The parquet floor absorbs the surprising interplay of the incident light and the classic wickerwork pattern is reinterpreted with each new look. The 50 years were characterized by striking style and are still fully in vogue. 16 mm total thickness in a wide range of decors and the modular flooring always preserves the long tradition of parquet flooring. Brushing and treatment with Proteco Hard Wax Oil ensure a long life and long-lasting shine.

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Changing grain directions provide exciting accents

The hard wax oil creates alternating impressions from the light on the manually cut slats. Small variations and displacements on the individual planks result in an individual and very exclusive flooring appearance with a classic but modern flair. Genuine craftsmanship is behind the Noble range of parquet flooring, which is available online from Parkettkaiser in various variations.

The hard wax oil Proteco contains valuable oils from sunflower, flax and soya. The oil penetrates deeply into the wood and emphasizes the natural character. At the same time it protects the surface from abrasion and rapid soiling. The floor should be re-oiled every 2-3 years to ensure a long service life.

Stable construction due to changing grain directions in the wood

To ensure that the finished parquet floor is exposed to as few movement processes in the room as possible, each plank is made of three layers. The changing fibre directions in these layers result in high dimensional stability and a balanced, stable floor covering. The glueless locking system then firmly joins the boards together. But even before that, the adapted production process begins, which ensures the uniquely high quality of the parquet floor.

The drying process can take up to one year, which is of decisive importance for the later product quality. Wood is alive and depending on temperature or humidity the parquet floor works. Grains contract when the heating air is dry and expand again when warm. With the high-quality Noble parquet floor at Parkettkaiser24, the woods are extensively pre-dried to avoid these fluctuations as far as possible.

Parquet flooring series with expressive appearance
  • Classical modular technology of the 50s
  • Brushed surface and treatment with Proteco hard wax oil
  • Each cut lamella is further processed by hand
  • Large or small blocks and braided structure available
  • Wood from sustainable forestry in Sweden and Finland
  • Light brushing for attractive contrast between the fibres