Tarkett Parquet Play

Tarkett Parkett Play - playful design for demanding customers

Refined and unique are the patterns of this modern collection. Here you can see at first glance that the designers have given free rein to their creativity. With colours that stand out from the crowd and set extraordinary accents, you emphasise your individuality. This design line is a real eye-catcher and is very inspiring.

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The most important features of the Play line in the overview:
  • Novel, playful patterns
  • Resource-saving and environmentally friendly production in Germany
  • Real wood product
  • Refined with hard-wearing Protecto Natura
  • Permanent stability
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • Can be installed on a hot water underfloor heating system
  • Innovative click technology for easy installation
Choose between four incomparable designs. Which one is your favorite?

The Play wood flooring collection experiments with expressive surface structures and intensive colour tones. The results are unexpected looks like the modern marbled oak, which looks timeless and noble, or the white wintery oak.
Black and white are opposites that attract like Yin and Yang. And this is exactly what is expressed by the dynamic black oak and ivory ash. A black floor may seem very unusual at first glance, but it exudes a touch of timeless elegance. Paired with bright furnishings and walls, an exciting feeling of space is created. The white ash, on the other hand, acts as a counterpart and makes a rather calm and cosy impression. The ivory look is distinguished and optically enlarges your room. The light-coloured planks appear fresh, friendly and charming. The grain also comes out very well here.
Contemporary and yet close to nature, this range of ideas will help you create a floor image that radiates self-confidence and originality

Technical advantages that you no longer want to miss

A good floor covering can be recognised as soon as it is laid. At least you don't have to worry about that in this case. Thanks to the patented click mechanism, even inexperienced people can set up the floors without complications.
The high-quality matt lacquer protects the surface and makes it robust against wear and tear such as abrasion and scratches. Stains and dust are also effectively repelled, while the natural appearance of the wood is retained. Furthermore, the Protecto Natura surface is free of formaldehyde and can be easily and hygienically maintained. Loose dirt can be removed with a broom, while adhering dirt can be removed with a damp and carefully wrung out cloth.
At the end of its life or in the event of a move, the floor can be completely recycled, making a valuable contribution to the environment. Of course Tarkett uses only natural raw materials. In the private sector you benefit from a guarantee of over 30 years on the finished parquet. The 1-strip country house planks are bevelled on the long sides.