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Tarkett Parkett Vintage - Experience the flair of days gone by

Originally a term from the wine industry, the term Vintage now also includes products in the "used look", which are nevertheless of high quality. The love for the charm of the bold and outdated look has also reached the world of floors. Traces of use such as scratches or cracks are deliberately created and reflect the imperfection. In some cases, the surface structure is modified by various techniques or substances such as oil and waxes to give it its own touch. A parquet floor that has all the modern conveniences, but still looks as if it has been in use for several decades, tells its own story. Let yourself be enchanted by the rustic design and take the step away from sterility to originality.

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The advantages of the Vintage series at a glance:
  • Worn, spoiled appearance
  • Is produced as finished parquet in a resource-saving way
  • Surface coated with Protecto hard wax oil
  • Constant stability
  • Suitable for installation on hot water underfloor heating
  • Easy to install thanks to the 2-Lock locking system
  • Warranty in the residential sector: 30 years
  • Produced in Germany
  • Two-sided mini bevel
  • Wear layer thickness: 3.5 mm
Let the nostalgic melody of past times sound

The fascinating thing about an old-looking parquet floor is that you can combine it with all styles of furnishing. In combination with chic modern furniture, exciting contrasts are created, while pieces of furniture from the flea market or in shabby chic are perfectly matched to the look. Fall in love with the countless details of the surfaces on which you can discover partial saw marks, chamfers or pressure marks. For example, the model "Oak Copenhagen" was covered with a beautiful patina and radiates freshness and naturalness. A total of 7 different colours and designs are available.
The wood used comes exclusively from sustainable forestry and is particularly environmentally friendly. With the help of modern techniques the natural beauty of nature is maintained. Thanks to the hard wax oil, a matt surface is created, which forms a protective shield against mechanical wear and dirt.

Lay the floor? A piece of cake!

The solid country house floorboards of this collection can be laid without any problems even by untrained people. In this case, use the so-called 2-lock system, in which the planks are inserted at a slight angle from above into the previous row of planks and placed on the floor. This way you can move row after row without the need for tools such as a hammer or hammer. In addition to floating installation, gluing is also possible.
Enjoy lasting stability and a resilient surface that is even resistant to stains and scratches.
At the end of its life or when a move is due, the floor can be 100 percent recycled and reused.