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Tarkett Parquet Viva - long live the style-conscious real wood floor

The Viva collection specialises in real wood floors with a design oriented approach. Thanks to a thickness of 8.5 mm, the veneer floors are ideal for a beautiful and practical redesign of your living spaces. The ergonomic locking system does not require a great deal of knowledge and promises effortless installation of your floor.

Depending on the model, the floor covering is sealed with a matt or silk matt Protecto lacquer, making the surface particularly robust. Furthermore, the coating layer effectively repels dust, dirt and water. The unmistakable grain and unique structure of each plank remains protected so that you can enjoy it for a long time to come.

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The highlights of Viva at a glance:
  • Uncomplicated to install thanks to the very easy click system
  • From environmentally friendly, resource-saving production
  • Surface sealed with Protecto lacquer or Proteco Natura
  • Permanently stable
  • Suitable for installation on a water underfloor heating
  • Available with matt or glossy surface finish
Do you prefer a light, medium or dark wood design?

Depending on your personal preferences you can choose between oak and walnut wood. Set strong accents with a darker wood on which white pieces of furniture stand out well or find the golden mean with a medium variant such as a warm honey colour. Light-coloured wood, on the other hand, has a very friendly effect and is able to visually enlarge any room. You also have the choice between 1-strip and 3-strip planks. While the 1-strip design creates a harmonious and calming overall picture that stretches the room and provides depth, the 3-strip ship's floors enliven your rooms. Offset planks in the ship floor look give your room more liveliness and versatility. The dynamic floor image has an inspiring effect and provides variety. All sturdy 1-strip planks have a mini bevel on all sides, which further intensifies the elegant style of the planks.

A further highlight of this line from Tarkett are the different surface designs. Do you prefer the brushed oak or should the design be additionally stained?

Easy installation - also ideal for laymen

The low overall thickness enables you to lay these floor coverings also on existing floors. Often you don't even have to shorten the doors or change the thresholds. The ergonomic locking system called Ultraloc makes it easier for you to lay your new designer parquet. A further advantage is the easy cleaning of parquet flooring. This makes your everyday life more pleasant and improves your quality of life, as your room climate is protected.

With this collection you can beautify even intensively used rooms such as the living room, bedroom, dining area, children's room or hallway. With a 20-year guarantee, you can rely on the high quality of Tarkett floors and enjoy the benefits of a real wood floor.