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Wineo 300 with and without integrated insulation mat is quickly laid

A very extensive range of different versions of Wineo 300 laminate is available. Numerous types of wood are available, including oak, walnut, cherry and many others. In addition, there are the individual types of wood with different colours. In addition to the 3-strip ship floor, 1-strip wideplank planks are also available. For this reason, every interested party will find a laminate flooring of the 300 series from Wineo. However, it is not only the visual stimuli that are impressive. This laminate offers much more. This will be discussed in more detail below.

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Laminate with integrated footfall sound insulation

A particularly interesting advantage is that the Wineo 300 laminate is available with or without an integrated insulating mat. This results in two decisive advantages. One advantage is that no additional footfall sound insulation needs to be laid when laying the laminate. This not only saves time, but also makes work much easier. The second advantage is that each area can be individually reacted to by a separately laid underlay.

Abrasion resistant surface

The surface of a laminate is always of great importance, it should not only look beautiful but also be as wear-resistant as possible. Wineo Laminate 300 meets exactly this requirement and is also suitable for rooms where high loads occur. This could be the children's room, living room or even the kitchen. In addition to use in private homes, Wineo Laminate 300 with integrated impact sound insulation can also be used in commercial properties, and the same applies to the version without integrated impact sound insulation. In this area, it achieves service class 31, which applies to moderate load in the commercial sector.

Laying the Wineo laminate with and without integrated insulation mat

Laying this laminate is easy. As soon as the substrate is free of dust, work can begin. It is a click laminate that simply needs to be clicked together. The panels are 1288 millimetres long and 195 millimetres wide. The thickness of the laminate panels is 9.0 millimetres including the insulation mat and 7 millimetres without it. Since the boards are only clicked together, no additional fixing is required. That is why the work is always done in a short time. An advantage is that the floor can be used immediately after installation without any restrictions.

Advantages of Wineo 300 with and without integrated insulation mat