Wineo Laminate 500 XXL V4

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Rustic laminate Wineo 500 XL V4

A beautiful laminate in the look of plank is a great enrichment for every home. The Wineo 500 XL series offers a choice of numerous wood reproductions that are particularly attractive from a visual point of view. At first sight they look like rustic country house floorboards. This is precisely what makes the laminate so special. They are available as pine trees or different oak trees. All wood reproductions are also available in different colours. Due to this variety in terms of choice, it is not difficult to find a suitable floor covering of this type. Although the floorboards are cottage style, the interior does not necessarily have to be cottage style as well. These modern floor coverings are suitable for many interiors of different styles. But there are other special features of the Wineo 500 XL V4 laminate.

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Wineo Laminate Flooring 500 XXL V4 Strong Oak Brown 1-plank 4V
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25 Items

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Durable material for long durability

It is always important for any laminate to have a high service class. The Wineo laminate of the 500 collection achieves service class 23 for private use, which means that the flooring can be laid in rooms with heavy loads. This includes the hallway, the kitchen or even the children's rooms. The Wineo laminate in this series is also suitable for use in the contract sector. In this segment it has the service class 32. This corresponds approximately to the typical use in a hotel or in a doctor's surgery. The designation V4 reveals that the laminate panels are painted on all four sides. Therefore it also has a high resistance to penetrating moisture.

Laying the Wineo 500 XL series laminate

This laminate of the 500 XL series from Wineo has the usual dimensions of country house floorboards. The length is 1845 millimetres. The width of the planks is 195 millimetres. Due to this size, floors can be laid out quickly with this high-quality laminate. Laying is made easier by the fact that it is a click laminate. The country house planks only need to be plugged together. It is not necessary to fix it to the substrate. In this case, the expert speaks of floating installation. If at some point you move into a new apartment, the laminate from Wineo can simply be taken up again. It can be absorbed by the floor without causing damage to the planks.

All advantages of the Wineo 500 XL V4 at a glance
  • Visually appealing laminate in plank format
  • Diverse selection of different wood species and colours
  • Easy to install click laminate
  • Also suitable for the contract sector thanks to high service classes
  • Particularly easy to clean and long lasting