Wineo Laminate 550 high gloss

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Wineo 550 High Gloss with impressive gloss

If you are looking for a high-gloss laminate, the Wineo 550 High Gloss will give you great pleasure. The glossy surface in tile optics looks very noble. In addition, various designs in light medium and darker shades are available. Because of these options, it is not difficult to find a laminate floor that is suitable from an optical point of view for the existing furnishings. However, these attractive floor coverings can also be used in advance to plan the subsequent interior design.

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Robust laminate from Wineo

Wineo is known for the use of high-quality materials and for the precise workmanship of its floor coverings. This is also true to the full extent of this beautiful laminate. It is equipped with an abrasion-resistant surface that lasts for many years without requiring much maintenance. The laminate 550 High Gloss from Wineo is also suitable for rooms in private homes that are subject to heavy use. It achieves service class 23. For use in commercial buildings, this flooring achieves service class 32. Therefore, the laminate can be installed in hotels, banks or other well-frequented buildings.

Laying the laminate 550 High Gloss

The most important thing is a thorough preparation of the substrate. Unevenness should be levelled and dust removed. It is recommended that impact sound insulation is laid under the laminate flooring. The additional expenditure is small, but the later benefit is very high. The 550 High Gloss is a click laminate. The boards have a size of 853 x 331 millimetres. Due to this size, larger areas can also be laid out in a relatively short time. The laying of this laminate is also possible in damp rooms. It has a high resistance to penetrating moisture. Even underfloor heating is no problem.

It is particularly important to align the first row of panels correctly. There should be a distance of about one centimetre to all walls. This distance is necessary because the laminate expands under certain conditions. If there is not enough space in case of expansion, distortions occur on the floor. These do not look very nice. A jigsaw should be at hand to cut the laminate panels to size. This can also be used to saw out recesses or other obstacles.

These are the advantages of Wineo 550 High Gloss
  • Particularly high-gloss surface
  • Different tile decors in different colours
  • Abrasion-resistant surface with high service class
  • Easy to lay laminate
  • Also suitable for humid rooms