Wineo Laminate 550 matt

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Interesting laminate Wineo 550 matt

The Wineo 550 laminate with a matt surface looks particularly attractive in many rooms. It is available in tile optics in many different colours. In addition to several shades of grey, bright colours such as yellow, kiwi or blue are also available. Therefore it is possible to give a room a very individual and incomparable appearance. The available colours can be combined very well with different interior styles.

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Wineo Laminat 550 Tile Dusty matt Fliese
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Increase of the quality of living

In addition to its visual appeal, a floor covering should also increase living comfort. This is the case with the Wineo 550 matt laminate. The floor feels pleasant and warm. This also creates a certain comfort. Another important aspect is that the surface is slip-resistant. This feature also contributes to safety. There are no health risks associated with Wineo laminate 550. Therefore, children can also play on this floor covering without worries. Even if a drink is accidentally spilt, it will not harm the laminate flooring from Wineo. The floor covering has a high resistance to moisture. As there are no unpleasant odours either, pets also feel comfortable on it. There is another aspect that is important. The surface of this laminate flooring is not electrostatic. Therefore, no dust accumulates on it. This feature is advantageous for allergy sufferers and makes cleaning the floor much easier.

The laminate flooring Wineo 550 matt is quickly laid

This high-quality laminate flooring can be laid on existing wooden floors or also on a screed floor. However, an additional footfall sound insulation should be installed, because this reduces the sound considerably. When laying on a concrete or screed floor, a vapour barrier must also be installed. It prevents moisture from forming on the underside of the laminate. It is a click laminate that can be laid easily and without special knowledge. The handy panels measure 853 x 331 millimetres. They are simply clicked together in sequence with the so-called Loc Tec connection. Additional fixing to the substrate is not necessary. When laying the floor, only make sure that there is an expansion joint of about ten millimetres wide in all walls. A great advantage of this floating installation is that the Wineo 550 laminate can be easily picked up again in the event of a possible move and laid out somewhere else.

Overview of all advantages
  • Large selection of different fashionable colours
  • Matt surface with impressive effect
  • Easy to install click laminate
  • High abrasion resistance