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Innovative laminate Wineo Rock'n'Go

Laminate is still one of the preferred floor coverings. Therefore it has been continuously developed further. The latest innovation from Wineo is the Rock'n'Go series. This laminate has some interesting features. These concern not only the appearance, but also the quality and the processing of the material.

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Appealing wood decors are available

The choice is very advantageous. There are different wood decors and tile decors available, all of which look very impressive. The palette ranges from almost white wood decor to medium brown and very dark wood designs. For this reason, there is a laminate from Wineo in the Rock'n'Go series for every individual style. Versions are available that serve as a supplement to the existing equipment. Due to the loving design, however, such a laminate floor is also ideally suited as a real eye-catcher.

Outstanding features of this laminate

A big advantage is that the laminate can also be laid in damp rooms. It has a high resistance to moisture. Therefore it can also be laid in the bathroom without hesitation. Not only does it look good there, but it is also very safe. The nature of the surface is anti-slip. This is an enormous advantage especially in the bathroom.

A second interesting advantage is the integrated footfall sound insulation. This reduces the sound by up to 20 dB. It also gives the floor covering a pleasant elasticity. Stepping on the laminate feels pleasant and hardly makes any noise. This is a great gain for the quality of living.

The Wineo laminate Rock'n'Go is simply laid

This laminate can basically be laid on all solid subfloors. However, the substrate should be level. The unevenness should not exceed three millimetres per metre. Then the surface should be cleaned. Before laying the laminate, it is advisable to paint the substrate with a primer. The primer binds even the last grain of dust.

Laying the laminate floorboards is then very easy. On the underside, only the foil of the integrated footfall sound is removed, then the plank is precisely aligned and pressed firmly onto the floor. When laying the next board, make sure that the groove is always pressed into the tongues as far as it will go. As a result, moisture can no longer penetrate. The laminate Wineo Rock'n'Go is designed in a short time and can be used immediately.

Summary of the advantages of Wineo laminate Rock'n'Go
  • Laminate made of high quality materials
  • Modern wood and tile decors are available
  • Installation in damp rooms possible
  • Integrated footfall sound insulation