Short pile carpet hand woven MELIERT LOOK gray with 3D effect height 13 mm

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Short pile carpet MELIED LOOK Grey Colour: Grey / mottled Shape: rectangular Manufacture: hand-woven Pile / textile fibre used: 100% viscose Backing material: cotton
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Short pile carpet hand-woven MELIERT LOOK Grey with 3D effect convinces with intensive colour brilliance
The special colour emulsification gives the short pile carpet hand-woven MELIERT LOOK Grey with 3D effect a very special appearance. The soft background appears objective and unobtrusive. Nevertheless, the visual effect is enhanced by skilfully inserted colour gradations and gradients. The gentle design creates a calm and at the same time appealing overall picture. This in turn means that the discreet carpet can set the tone in almost all furnishing worlds. In any case, the accessory underlines a relaxed atmosphere. If you think that you've soon had enough of the monotonous choice of colours, you're on the wrong track. The observer neither falls into the much-cited tunnel vision nor is it time to mope. A lack of appreciation is equally inappropriate. After all, the product presents itself in an incomparable top condition.
  • The surface is durable and easy to clean
  • The manufacturer has given priority to pure cotton in the production of the back material
  • 100% viscose was used as textile fibre
  • Uncovered feet come to operating temperature with the underlay, the carpet has heat insulating properties
This rug helps everyone to get up in a swinging
way. Just in the morning, when the body is still in a twilight state, it is very difficult to get up. Just flipping over the duvet triggers an unwanted feeling of frost. If the feet are placed in front of the bed and the cold moves up from the floor, the mood barometer slides rapidly into the cellar. To prevent this scenario from occurring in the first place, the carpet immediately stops the negative stimulus satiation. The article is able to concentrate on the essentials from the very beginning. It virtually ensures that the feet stay really warm after they have left the bed. The carpet functions as a comfortable runner. However, he is also a very reliable partner in other areas. Even in the corridor or hallway, this chic interpretation does very valuable work. Particularly in rooms with good hearing, the accessory helps to minimise footstep noises. In many households this specimen has long since found a permanent place under the coffee table. Especially at this position the carpet is especially appreciated. It not only ignites a visually attractive firework display, but also provides a cozy refuge. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide when and where the short pile carpet will be used. This high quality and handmade unique piece is always a feast for the eyes. In addition, the rectangular living item is available in various sizes and thus offers plenty of room for manoeuvre when furnishing
Brand Skaben
Height (mm) 13,00
Quality A1 sorting
Pole material 100% viscose
Manufacturing Hand woven
Pole weight approx. 4000 g/sqm
Deliverty time
2-3 Tage