Short pile carpet turquoise and ivory ZICKZACK design height 10 mm

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Short pile carpet ZICKZACK turquoise / ivory Colour: ivory / turquoise Shape: rectangular Manufacture: machine-woven Pile / textile fibre used: 100% polypropylene BCF Backing material: jute
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The short pile carpet turquoise and ivory ZICKZACK design height can be confessed by everyone
As a child one likes to experiment with colors and pens. Through simple hand movements, sometimes very strange drawings are brought to paper. With every stroke the fine motor skills are promoted. In this exercise the legendary zigzag pattern must not shine with absence. After all, this creative work belongs to the oldest ornamental patterns in the history of mankind. Consequently, the drawing appears regularly and on very different occasions. We humans often perceive this way of design unconsciously or even consciously. In the fashion world and art scene, the pattern has always been an integral part. In addition, countless products are also embellished with this eccentric look. Like the short pile carpet in turquoise and ivory by Skaben. The design inevitably contributes to a lively, inviting atmosphere within your own four walls. The stylish geometric pattern makes the article a desirable trendsetter. We know why that is.
  • The easy-care carpet is made of 100% polypropylene-BCF
  • The back material consists of a pure jute coating
  • The accessory is rounded off by a resistant and colourfast design
  • The surface feels smooth and soft
A gorgeous look that is a pleasure
to wear Without question, the zigzag pattern is interpreted in a novel and decorative way. The manufacturer has succeeded in skilfully staging the colour component and the characteristic presentation. The turquoise in combination with ivory creates a very harmonious unity. Consequently, customers can look forward to a refreshing and courageous appearance. However, there are other features that deliberately make the carpet stand out from the crowd. For example, not all residential units have been designed with footstep sound insulation in mind. Which of course can cause one or two annoying situations. However, the constant walking noises can reverberate quite loudly. In the long run, this state of affairs is already quite gruelling. The short pile carpet Turquoise and Ivory ZICKZACK design height can do an excellent job as a mediator in this case. Thanks to the soft surface design, the carpet automatically swallows the steps. From now on, the neighbours will no longer be able to see whether there is actually someone on site in the adjacent premises. In addition, the article is able to cope with certain loads. One can confidently speak of a product suitable for everyday use with this design. The flexible operational readiness also makes this all-rounder so popular. Whether in the home office, living room, lounge area or bedroom, the carpet presents itself continuously in an absolute top condition
Brand Skaben
Height (mm) 10,00
Quality A1 sorting
Pole material 100% Polypropylene-BCF
Manufacturing Machine woven
Pole weight approx. 1950 g/sqm
Deliverty time
2-3 Tage