Skaben 898 - Eternity clean - Premium cleaner with top layer effect for cleanliness and lasting value of your floor 2,5l

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Skaben 898 - Eternity clean Composition: polyacrylate dispersion Consistency: low viscosity Color: milky Application:Maintenance coating for initial care and refreshing of floor coverings and parquet Properties: Resistant to soiling, smearing, foot traffic marks. Can be used as a wiping water additive for the maintenance care of parquet and cork floors sealed with water-based varnish, for PVC, CV and linoleum floor coverings without special PUR treatment at the factory. Extends the life of the floor covering/sealing of parquet. Regenerates the existing coating during maintenance care and fills light scratches. Consumption: Initial care : 1 l for approx. 40 m² (undiluted, 1 application) Maintenance care : 0.5 - 0.7 l for approx. 100 m² (diluted in wiping water) Setting time: 12 h Flammability: non-flammable Container : 2.5 l
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Lasting beauty for your floors: Skaben 898 Eternity Clean

Make your floor more durable and a little more beautiful with every cleaning! Skaben 898 Eternity Clean is something more than a caring cleaner for parquet, cork, PVC and linoleum. The multifunctional premium cleaner is equally suitable for the initial treatment of new parquet floors and for regular maintenance cleaning!

Skaben 898 - Eternity clean - Premium cleaner with top layer effect for cleanliness and lasting value of your floor

The 2.5 liter canister Skaben 898 - Eternity clean is a worthwhile investment in professional floor care at home. Right from the start, this product gives your floor a hard-wearing care layer that reliably protects against dirt, streaks and footfall marks. Use the care product consistently to refresh your floors in the mopping water. Skaben's clever premium cleaner mops hygienically and effectively and fills small scratches with every maintenance cleaning. Thus, this product effectively helps you maintain the value of your high-quality and attractive floor coverings in the long term.

On which floors can I use Skaben 898 Eternity Clean?

The liquid, milky premium cleaner is suitable for maintenance cleaning of any parquet and cork floor sealed with water-based varnish, as well as for PVC, CV and linoleum floorings without factory PUR coating. Skaben 898 Eternity Clean prolongs the life of your flooring and maintains the seal of your hardwood floor.

What quantity do I need?
  • for initial care: 1 l for approx. 40 m² (undiluted, 1 application)
  • for regular maintenance care: 0.5 - 0.7 l for approx. 100 m² (diluted in wiping water)
How to proceed:

Shake the product vigorously before use. Use a lint-free cloth or a mop weasel for wiping. Apply Skaben 898 Eternity Clean undiluted once or twice to freshly sealed parquet or professionally cleaned flooring. For open-pored, highly absorbent floors, you may need another treatment to create a closed protective film. Never interrupt the working process in the middle of the room, otherwise unsightly build-up may occur. After an intermediate drying time of 1 - 3 hours, the floor treated for the first time can be walked on again. For normal maintenance care, add about 150 ml of the Premium Cleaner to 5 liters of water and mop your floor as usual with a damp cloth. Mop, bucket and flat mop can be ordered at to match your individual floors and the care products used. Permanently beautiful floors are close to our hearts!

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