Skaben carpet Indus Rebel 400 cm

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Manufacturer: Skaben Product type: Carpet Series: Indus Characteristics: Loop Dye Décor/Colour: Rebel Use class: 23/33 Luxury class LC: 2 Warranty: 5 years Manufacturing method: 1/10 loop pile Pile material: 100% polyamide Material specification: Yarn dyed Backing material: Actionbac Type of manufacture: Machine tufted Pile weight: 775 g/m² Total weight: 2180 g/m² Suitable for underfloor heating: Yes Thermal resistance: 0.08 m² K/W Fire performance: Cfl-s1 Anti-slip : Yes Anti-allergic: Yes Rooms: Entrance area, hallway, study/foyer, open-plan offices, department stores Pile height: 3.9mm Total thickness: 6.6mm Width: 400cm Length: 1m (yard goods) this corresponds to 4m²
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The bestseller can handle high traffic volumes wonderfullySome
, grey standard linoleum floor coverings or foul-smelling carpets were on display in numerous commercial premises. Neither an attractive look nor feel adorned the flooring concepts. Fortunately, a lot has changed in this respect. Nowadays, patients, guests, customers, clients, visitors or business partners have comfortable and appealing flooring solutions under their feet. One of these is the Skaben carpet Indus Rebel 400 cm. This friendly presentation not only looks good, but also convinces with a functional performance package. Therefore, we are not at all surprised that this all-rounder has become permanently established in the commercial sector in a very short time
  • The arrangement can be perfectly laid in shops, boutiques, medical practices, hotels or training rooms
  • Convinces with its high durability and does not look worn even after years of use
  • The surface has a soft texture and provides a pleasant walking experience
  • The floor surface is quickest and easiest to clean with a vacuum cleaner
  • Unpleasant charges are not an issue because the article is equipped with antistatic features
In practice, you can always rely on this high-calibre
carpet. Office chairs can roll
over the
6.6 mm high carpet without any difficulty. The pile feels soft on the soles of the feet, but sinking in with seating elements is almost impossible. Overall, the top product shows a particularly robust side. Even when many people walk across the floor surface, the presentation retains its stunning appearance. The secret of the great condition lies, among other things, in the high-quality yarn. But also the backing material makes the carpet even more resistant. Consequently, you can lay out the product in entrance halls, waiting rooms, department stores and conference rooms without hesitation. Especially as the beige-brown colouring exudes an inviting atmosphere.
Does not make any extravagant demands when it comes to maintenanceNaturally
, every homeowner or apartment owner strives to ensure that the living environment shines in a clean face. By nature, the light floor decoration presents itself in an elegant design. Even for maintenance cleaning, you don't have to do a handstand. In normal everyday use, it is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner to work on the surface. Make sure that the brushes always glide in the direction of the fibres. This will result in a uniform image synthesis. If stains from coffee or juice on the carpet cannot be avoided, then immediate action must be taken. It is extremely unfavourable if the stain dries into the fibres. The more difficult it is to remove the impurities.
Brand Skaben
Manufacturer series name Indus
Decor - wood pattern Rebel
Color World Beige brown & Friendly
Room Entrance area, hallway, study/foyers, open-plan offices, department stores
Construction 1/10 loop pile
Self-adhesive No
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant No
Manufacturer warranty in years 5 years
Wear class 23/33
Height (mm) 6,60
Thickness (mm) 6,60
Width (mm) 4.000,00
Length (mm) 1.000,00
Quality A1 sorting
Heat transmission resistance 0,08 m² K/W
Optic Robust
Pole material 100% polyamide
Material specification Yarn dyed
Characteristics / Surface Sling
Backing material Actionbac
Manufacturing Machine tuft
Pole weight 775 g/m²
Total weight 2180 g/m²
Luxury class LC LC 2 - ★★☆☆☆
Fire behaviour Cfl-s1 - Flame retardant
Special features UV resistant, bleach resistant
Manufacturer EAN Skaben 4056004011067
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