Skaben carpet Yukon Cloudy 400 cm

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Manufacturer: Skaben Product type: Carpet Series: Yukon Characteristics: Velours Décor/Colour: Cloudy Use class: 23/33 Luxury class LC: 5 Warranty: 5 years Manufacturing method: 1/10 cut pile Pile material: 100% polyamide Material specification: yarn dyed Backing material: Actionbac Type of manufacture: machine tufted Pile weight: 1150 g/m² Total weight: 2015 g/m² Suitable for underfloor heating: Yes Thermal resistance: 0.130 m² K/W Fire performance: Bfl-s1 Anti-slip : Yes Anti-allergic: Yes Rooms: Entrance area, hallway, study/foyer, open-plan offices, department stores Pile height: 6.8mm Total thickness: 9.6mm Width: 400cm Length: 1m (sold by the metre) this corresponds to 4m²
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Is made of a brilliant and resistant yarnThis
high-quality carpet pile is tightly packed onto the backing material. The yarn made of polyamide reveals a velvety-soft shape. At the same time, the pile material is robust enough to withstand the rigours of everyday life. It does not matter at all whether the floor decoration is used for private or commercial purposes. The entire manufacturing of Skaben carpet Yukon Cloudy 400 cm is on a very high level. Consequently, the article has been given use classes 23 and 33. For consumers, this classification means that the all-rounder can even be used in highly frequented premises. The bestseller is even intended for open-plan offices and department stores. The high performer has several unique features to its credit
  • Colour differences cannot be detected, as the pile material is excellently and evenly dyed throughout
  • The material does not contain any harmful substances, it is an environmentally friendly product
  • The material has anti-allergic characteristics
  • Even if a lot of sunlight enters the room, the carpet remains true to its appearance thanks to its UV-resistant nature
  • The floor surface may even be treated with cleaning agents such as bleach
Always remains true to its lineThere
are carpets that reveal strange colour gradations on the surface after installation. This phenomenon will not happen with the decorative floor ornament. It is true that the 6.8 mm high pile yarns can also change their appearance, but only if the yarn is laid in the opposite direction. However, the different angle of inclination provides just as much extravagance. If you no longer wish to have the irregular brightness gradient in individual sections, then a movement with the brush of a vacuum cleaner is all that is needed and the pile will resume its original posture. Sounds uncomplicated? The floor concept is very easy to maintain in many respects.
Never inconvenientBefore
starting the weekly major cleaning, there is nothing wrong with locating the sources of dirt. The most effective way to remove loose dirt is with a vacuum cleaner. With this tool, you will catch hair, lint and dust without difficulty. Older stains, on the other hand, are not quite so easy to remove. Depending on the intensity of adhesion, the amount of care required will be higher. Nevertheless, you don't have to panic about it. After all, you may treat the carpet with professional cleaning agents. The vertical starter has a bleach-resistant consistency and is basically insensitive. Thanks to this advantageous aspect, targeted stain removal is possible at any time.
Brand Skaben
Manufacturer series name Yukon
Decor - wood pattern Cloudy
Color World Beige brown & Friendly
Room Entrance area, hallway, study/foyers, open-plan offices, department stores
Construction 1/10 Cut pile
Self-adhesive No
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant No
Manufacturer warranty in years 5 years
Wear class 23/33
Height (mm) 9,60
Thickness (mm) 9,60
Width (mm) 4.000,00
Length (mm) 1.000,00
Quality A1 sorting
Heat transmission resistance 0,130 m² K/W
Optic Elegant
Pole material 100% polyamide
Material specification Yarn dyed
Characteristics / Surface Velour
Backing material Actionbac
Manufacturing Machine tuft
Pole weight 1150 g/m²
Total weight 2015 g/m²
Luxury class LC LC 5 - ★★★★★
Fire behaviour Bfl-s1 - Flame retardant
Special features UV resistant, bleach resistant
Manufacturer EAN Skaben 4056004011142
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