Skaben Primer Plus 11,2 kg universal primer

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Skaben Primer Plus 11.2 kg - dispersion primer (ready to use) - for pre-treatment of floors before applying the adhesivefor absorbent, mineral substrates: Cement screed, calcium sulfate-bonded screed, dry screed, screed for non-absorbent substrates: Wood-based panels, cleaned stone floors and ceramic floors, mastic asphalt. Use: before full and partial surface filling work with putties Basis: PVDC dispersion Density: approx. 1.12 g/cm³ Packaging: 11.20 kg

More Information
The ideal dispersion primer under parquet and fillers

Skaben Primer Plus is a universal primer that parquet layers love. The ready-to-use dispersion primer is perfect for pretreating absorbent mineral substrates. To ensure that fillers and adhesives later adhere to cement screed, dry screed and calcium sulfate-bonded screed, Skaben Primer Plus provides the reliable foundation. This universal product also performs excellently on non-absorbent substrates. For those who want to install parquet floors on old but cleaned stone and ceramic floors, on wood-based panels or over mastic asphalt, this dispersion primer provides a good base.

How is Skaben Primer Plus universal primer applied?

The low-viscosity primer in a ready-to-use container is uncomplicated and clean to apply. First shake the canister of Skaben Primer Plus 11.2 kg universal primer vigorously. A homogeneous liquid should result. The universal primer should not be diluted! Now apply the Skaben Primer Plus Universal Primer evenly with a microfiber roller, brush or brush. Make sure that puddles do not form under any circumstances! Once the primer has dried thoroughly, you can either carry out the planned filling work or glue your parquet directly to the prepared substrate using a suitable 1- or 2-component parquet adhesive.

Important to know

Be sure to store this product out of reach of children! Ensure sufficient ventilation during application and drying. Do not eat, drink or smoke when working with this universal primer! If the product does accidentally come into contact with the skin or eyes, you must immediately rinse the affected areas thoroughly with water. Clean all tools with soap and water immediately after use:

The most important facts about Skaben Primer Plus Universal Primer at a glance!
  • Skaben Primer Plus Universal primer under parquet and putty
  • Packaging size: 11,20 kg
  • Basis: PVDC dispersion
  • Density of the mixture: approx. 1.12 g/cm³
  • Consumption: depending on the density of the substrate approx. 80-90 g/m²
The universal professional primer for perfect parquet results!

Anyone who lays parquet professionally knows that it all depends on the substrate. The highest quality parquet cannot develop its full beauty if the adhesive does not later adhere to the substrate throughout. A high-quality foundation is therefore always worthwhile! The product can only work if it is processed professionally. Make sure that the floor temperature for the primer is at least 15 degrees Celsius. The primer and the room should not fall below a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Ideal for perfect results is a relative humidity of less than 65%. The lower the temperature and the higher the humidity, the longer it will take for the universal primer to dry thoroughly and be ready for the next work step. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the parkettkaiser flooring experts.

Brand Skaben
Quality A1 sorting
Eco-label / Certification GEV-Emicode Plus sehr emissionsarm Siegel
Manufacturer EAN Skaben 4056004022544
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