Skaben Wallpaper Strips - Striped Wallpaper Pink / Purple 10,05 m x 0,53 m

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Skaben wallpaper series: Stripe Style/Optics : stripe wallpaper Color(s): pink / purple / cream / white Material : vinyl Base material : non-woven Washing resistance : highly resistant to washing Lightfastness : good lightfastness Type of removal: completely dry removable Rapport : free of attachments Certificate : FSC-Mix CE mark : DoP3, C-s2, d0 Room: hallway/hallway, kitchen, bedroom, living room Width: 10.05 m Height : 0.53 m Roll : 5.327 m²
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Skaben wallpaper stripe - stripe wallpaper pink / purple 10

This wallpaper gives the room a bright friendly touch. According to color experts, the pink that dominates in the wallpaper pattern should reduce aggression, generally soothe and make sensitive to the moods of other people. Thus, this wallpaper would be ideal for bedrooms. The pink harmonizes well with the purple, both colors are highlighted by the white stripes.

How to properly process the Skaben stripe wallpaper pink / purple

Before you start wallpapering, check that the walls or ceiling are clean, solid, dry and well absorbent. If there are still remnants of an old wallpaper or paint, remove them. To be completely safe, you can paste a waste wallpaper before wallpapering. It is made of thin paper or non-woven and provides a uniformly bright surface and good absorbency. Since the Skaben strip wallpaper is not self-adhesive, you need a non-woven wallpaper paste. This you put according to package instructions in a large bucket. Usually it must rest for some time before you can use it. Then apply the paste to the wall in strips with a paste brush. In this paste bed you press the cut wallpaper strips. For this purpose, it is best to use a wallpaper roller made of soft plastic or foam rubber. At the lower edge protruding wallpaper cut off with a cutter knife.

Features of the Skaben wallpaper stripe - stripe wallpaper pink / purple at a glance
  • Non-woven wallpaper with seamless pattern repeat
  • not self-adhesive
  • can be completely dry stripped
  • flame retardant
  • low emission
  • highly resistant to washing
  • good lightfastness
Brand Skaben
Manufacturer series name Stripe
Decor - wood pattern Rosa
Rapport free of attachments
Style world 1 Striped wallpaper
Material Vinyl
Carrier material Fleece
Wash resistance highly washable
Lightfastness good lightfastness
Type of removal completely dry strippable
Room Hallway / hallway, kitchen, bedroom, living room
FSC-Mix Yes
CE mark DoP3, C-s2, d0
Self-adhesive No
Height (cm) 53
Length (cm) 1005
Quality A1 sorting
Manufacturer EAN Skaben 4056004012774