VLC 800 vinyl cutter and laminate cutter for laminate up to 11 mm and vinyl up to 6 mm thickness

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VLC 800 vinyl cutter and laminate cutter for laminate up to 11 mm thickness and vinyl up to 6 mm thickness and 465 mm width

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VLC 800 vinyl cutter and laminate cutter for laminate up to 11 mm and vinyl up to 6 mm thick

The VLC 800 from Wolfcraft is the right tool for cutting flooring to size for installation. With its quality features, the cutter is suitable for various floor coverings such as laminate and vinyl. The blade easily goes through laminate with or without footfall insulation, which is up to 11mm thick and up to 465mm wide. It will also cut through self-adhesive or click vinyl, as well as vinyl tiles. The maximum width is also 465 mm, while the maximum thickness is 6 mm. The adjustable cutting gap also allows the vinyl cutter to adapt to flexible vinyl that is 2 to 4 mm thin.

A safe vinyl and laminate cutter

With the reliable vinyl cutter and laminate cutter, the sophisticated technology ensures a high level of work safety. The workpiece is optimally fixed by serrated cutting bars as soon as the first blade contact is made. The manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee on the high quality. The vinyl cutter has a hold-down function that facilitates the cutting of extra wide planks or panels. For safety and comfort, there is a material support that supports the panels. This is especially helpful for long planks. The special blade geometry supports the craftsman in cutting the vinyl or laminate flooring quickly and safely. At the same time, it ensures a clean cut pattern that preserves the beautiful look of the decorative side.

Features of the Wolfcraft laminate cutter

The VLC 800 vinyl cutter and laminate cutter measures 661 x 211 x 197 mm. It is equipped with a longitudinal fence that supports the processing of 55 mm wide strips. This fence can be mounted on either side. With its capabilities, the device is the perfect equipment for the modernization of the flooring. The cutter is suitable for:

  • perfect 90 degree cuts with fence,
  • Angular cuts from 0 to 180 degrees,
  • Longitudinal cuts of panels.
For convenient and fast laminate or vinyl installation

The vinyl and laminate cutter can cut panels not only crosswise, but also lengthwise. With the coated blade, even self-adhesive vinyl panels are no problem. The cut with the coated blade goes cleanly through the workpiece and leaves a neat edge, without any annoying breaks in the decor surface. The anti-slip foot buffers of the device ensure a stable hold. This is made of robust aluminium and is relatively lightweight. When laying vinyl or laminate, the cutter enables dust-free and comfortable working. The low-noise function also plays a role in the speedy work process and saves users a break at lunchtime.

Brand Wolfcraft
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Manufacturer article number Wolfcraft 6939000
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