Wicanders Vinyl flooring wood Go Classic Oak 1-strip

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Manufacturer: Wicanders Vinyl Series: wood Go 1-strip wideplank Surface: textured Decor: Oak Classic Bevel: without bevel Service class: 31 Guarantee (years): 25 years in residential / 10 years in commercial use Installation connection: CORKLOC system Insulation: Cork-core construction: HDF core board with CORKLOC system Thickness: 10.5 mm Width: 18.5 cm Length: 1.22 m Pieces in the package: 8 this corresponds to 1.806 m²

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Wicanders vinyl floor wood Go Oak Classic structured 1-plank including insulation

With its mature, reddish-brown colouring and pronounced grain, oak wood conveys a timeless and natural beauty. This flooring harmonises effortlessly with any interior design, whether you like it classic or modern.
The sensual, warm tone of oak and its typical characteristics are wonderfully shown to advantage on the 1-strip plank and help your home to become even more comfortable and elegant

The advantages of Wicander's vinyl floor wood Go Oak Classic structured 1-plank including insulation at a glance
  • High durability through impact and friction resistant cork
  • Excellent footfall sound insulation due to cork backing
  • More standing and walking comfort for a relief of the body
  • Avoidance of energy loss through thermal insulation
  • Increased well-being thanks to flexible and durable surface
  • Soil maintenance takes only a little time
  • Effortless installation due to innovative click system
  • Hypoallergenic properties for a healthier living climate
Floating installation without glue

Before buying a floor, there is always the question of how to lay the floor. Instead of spending money on a professional floor layer, the tried and tested Corklock system allows you to simply do it yourself. The planks snap into place reliably thanks to a practical plug-in system, resulting in a stable and immediately accessible floor

Integrated cork core that boosts the feel-good factor

Thanks to its elasticity, cork cushions every step so that your joints and back are relieved every day. The resulting stability prevents symptoms of fatigue. At the same time, your feet are warmed from below, which feels very comfortable especially when walking barefoot. But the thermal insulation not only benefits your physical well-being. This will reduce your energy costs because this energy-efficient decorative flooring promises you an optimum floor temperature all year round

Arrive home and enjoy the peace and quiet

After a successful working day, all you want to do is relax within your own four walls and keep possible stress factors to a minimum. Many floors produce unpleasant sound noises or crunching with every step. The natural material cork, on the other hand, skilfully assumes the role of an acoustic buffer. By reducing impact sound by up to 53 percent, you benefit from improved room acoustics. Thanks to its special cell structure, cork effectively repels mites, dust, pollen and other dirt. This advantage is especially appreciated by allergy and asthma sufferers. However, the hygienic surface is generally very popular, as it takes very little time to maintain. Another advantage is the shock resistance of the material. Especially in households with children and pets it happens more often that something falls on the floor. Cork restores its original shape under such loads without being damaged.

Brand Wicanders
Manufacturer series name wood Go
Type of wood or style / pattern Oak
Decor - wood pattern Classic oak
Color World Red brown & Warm
Surface structured
Product group 1-plank plank
Blue Angel Ecolabel Yes
Bevel No
Type of bevel Without chamfer
Construction HDF core board with CORKLOC system
Installation Floating installation
Link / joint / connection type CORKLOC® - Click Connection
Integrated sound insulation Yes
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant No
Manufacturer warranty in years 25 years in the residential sector / 10 years in the commercial sector
Wear class 23/32
Surface layer mm 0,2
Height (mm) 10,50
Thickness (mm) 10,50
Width (mm) 185,00
Length (mm) 1.220,00
Quality A1 sorting
Eco-label / Certification Blauer Engel EPD CE Kennzeichnung
Manufacturer article number Wicanders LJS3005
Manufacturer EAN Wicanders 5602190375590
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