WOCA Master Cleaner vinyl cleaner laminate cleaner and lacquer soap nature 1 l

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Vinyl and varnish soap nature 1 l piece in a package: 1 this corresponds to 1 liter

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WOCA Vinyl Cleaner Laminate Cleaner and Lacquer Soap Natural 1 l

Consistent care and professional cleaning are indispensable for the long-lasting and lasting beauty of your new floor covering! With the right cleaning agents you can preserve the attractive appearance of your vinyl and laminate floors for many years. The original WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Soap is a very economical and gentle all-purpose cleaner for high-quality vinyl, laminate and painted surfaces. Because this cleaner does not build up a soap film, it is particularly suitable for regular cleaning of heavily frequented residential and commercial surfaces. WOCA's vinyl and lamin ate cleaner is a proven helper for professional room care and private house cleaning. Modern vinyl and laminate floors are extremely easy to clean, but should be treated with the right products to maintain their shine and radiance.

How to clean with WOCA vinyl and lacquer soap

WOCA's laminate and vinyl cleaner is particularly economical. When cleaning your surfaces, make sure that the product, room and floor temperature are between 15°C and 35°C. Even though the liquid WOCA Vinyl and Varnish Soap has only a faint odour, it is recommended to always ensure good room ventilation during application and drying time. For regular cleaning, mix 125 ml of WOCA Vinyl and Varnish Soap with 5 litres of water. Now wipe the floor with a well-wrung mop or cleaning cloth. By the way, a proven professional trick is to work with two buckets: In the bucket of clean water, wring out the mop after each cycle and dip it into the clean soap solution for the next wipe. Be meticulous that no water or moisture is left on the floor. For particularly heavily soiled floors or stubborn stains, we recommend using a suitable intensive cleaner or stain remover. The high-yield liquid cleaner for vinyl, lacquer and laminate in the handy 1 litre canister can be used manually and mechanically.

  • pH value: 9.50-10.50
  • Water, less than 5 % soap, less than 5 % non-ionic surfactants
  • Yield: 400 m²/litre
Brand WOCA
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Manufacturer article number WOCA 684510A
Manufacturer EAN WOCA 5708055019224
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