WOCA Oil refresher white 1 l

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WOCA Oil refresher white 1 l
WOCA Oil refresher white 1 l

Oil refresher white 1 l piece in package: 1 this corresponds to 1 litre

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Enhances the natural appearance of the woodWOCA
Oil Refresher White 1 l is considered to be the secret weapon when it comes to bringing oiled and waxed wooden floors back into shape. White oiled wooden floors will be particularly pleased about the guest visit of the beautifier. Thanks to the oil component, the top layer is given a deeply effective and matt protective film. Once the planks are refined with the high carat, they trump with more durability. This in turn helps to preserve the profiles and makes the floor concept even more robust for all eventualities in everyday life.
Spreading the oil will not present you with any difficult challengeBefore
you start working, shake the canister vigorously so that the liquid inside mixes well together. The wood to be treated must be free of dust and grease. Likewise, there must be no damp patches. The oil refresher is mixed with lukewarm water. Depending on how dirty or worn the surface is, you should use a thinner or stronger dosage. Now spread the agent with a wrung out cloth or mop always in the longitudinal direction of the grain. If you are through with it, then you ring with a cloth or mop the dry rubbing. It is recommended to use two buckets for each step. In one bucket the clear water is stationed and in the other the oil-refresher solution. Avoid that the water stands too long on the ground. According to the manufacturer, the drying time is given as about 2 hours. After that, you can walk on the floor again with some caution. If you want more shine, then polish the dried wood with a white pad
  • Make sure that the room and floor temperature is between 15 °C and 35 °C
  • Drying time is given as 2 hours when a permanent temperature of 20 °C is omnipresent
  • The protective film promotes maximum dirt and water repellent properties
  • The product enables gentle cleaning and maintenance of the floor
  • The 1 litre container achieves a coverage of between 150 and 200 m² per litre
Brand WOCA
Cable management No
Quality A1 sorting
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