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Manufacturer: Wineo Insulation mat silentCOMFORT Series: silentCOMFORT Thickness: 1,5mm Width: 100cm Length: 10m Piece in package: 1 this corresponds to 10 m²

More Information
Acoustic underlay Wineo silentCOMFORT - the perfect underlay for vinyl floorsThis

acoustic underlay was specially developed for use under Wineo Purline organic floors with click connection or Wineo design floors with click connection. The permanently elastic underlay, made of 90 % natural raw materials, is laid in a floating manner.

Where is this insulation mat used?
  • The insulation underlay can be laid on screed.
  • It is suitable for laying on existing floors, such as tiles or wooden floors.
  • Because of its anti-slip effect, it is often used for action areas, such as shop-in-shop solutions.
  • It is ideally suited for the reduction of walking and impact sound.
  • This insulation underlay is optimal for full vinyl floors with click connection system
  • It is also suitable for vinyl floors with carrier plate and click connection.
  • It is often laid under Wineo Purline organic floors with click connection.
  • It is optimal for design floors made of full vinyl with click connection.
  • It is also ideal for design floors with support plate and click connection
  • The insulation underlay is suitable for laying on water-bearing floor heating systems.
How is the Wineo silentCOMFORT acoustic underlay laid?

Remove all textile floor coverings before installation. Make sure that the surface is even, solid, dry, resistant to tension and pressure and clean.

When laid on a screed, the residual moisture must not exceed 2% for unheated cement screed and 1.8% for heated cement screed. For calcium sulphate screeds, these values are 0.5 % and 0.3 %.

During installation, the room temperature should be at least 18 °C and the floor temperature should be between 15 °C and 25 °C. The relative humidity in the room must be less than 65%.

The insulation underlay can be easily cut with the trapezoidal blade of a laying knife. Lay the strips of the insulation underlay at a 90° angle to the direction of the floor covering, with the foil side facing upwards. The sheets are not fastened to each other or to the substrate. Remove the protective film and start laying the floor covering immediately. Follow the installation instructions of the floor covering manufacturer.

Properties of the Wineo silentCOMFORT acoustic underlay at a glance
  • Manufacturer: Wineo
  • Series: silentComfort
  • Length: 10,0 m
  • Width: 1,0 m
  • Thickness:1,5 mm
  • 1 roll contains 10 m²
  • Weight: 1,5 kg/m²
  • suitable for installation on hot water carrying floor heating systems
  • Thermal resistance: 0.01 m²K/W
  • Impact sound reduction: up to 14 dB when used under Purline organic flooring or Wineo design floor
  • Compressive strength: 44 t/m²
  • Resistance to compression creep deformation: approximately 94 kPa
  • Durability under dynamic loads: more than 100,000 cycles
  • Compensation of punctual unevenness: approx. 0.65 mm
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty
Brand Wineo
Manufacturer series name silentCOMFORT
Self-adhesive No
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant No
Manufacturer warranty in years 10
Height (mm) 1,50
Thickness (mm) 1,50
Width (mm) 1.000,00
Length (mm) 10.000,00
Quality A1 sorting
Floor type suitability Vinyl floor for clicking, Design floor for clicking
Impact sound insulation dB 11
Heat transmission resistance 0.01 (m2K)/W
Pressure stability – compression durability in t/m² up to 44 t/m2 (~ 440 kPa)
Manufacturer article number Wineo UCT1000
Manufacturer EAN Wineo 4017268075325
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