Classen vinyl floor

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Classen Vinyl in special quality

Vinyl floors are becoming increasingly popular. There are many good reasons for this. The floors are easy to lay, last a very long time and are easy to maintain. But there are other advantages of Classen vinyl flooring. They are made of materials that are absolutely healthy to live in and fully recyclable. Neither the health of the residents nor the environment suffer from these special floor coverings. Thanks to the production "Made in Germany" the CO² balance of these floors is also extremely good. This is a great advantage that should not be underestimated. PVC and plasticizers are deliberately avoided in the production process. Therefore, nothing emits from the floor covering. For this reason, Classen vinyl floors are also odourless. Another special feature is that the material can be completely recycled again. As a result, there is no waste even when the Classen vinyl floor has reached the end of its useful life after many decades. So much innovation and environmental awareness is also rewarded by the award of "The Blue Angel", which all floors bear.

Many versions are available

Different wood and stone decors are available. These are all reproduced in great detail, so that they also appear impressively authentic from a visual point of view. The viewer has to look very closely to see that it is not a wooden or tiled floor.

Due to the large selection, there are countless design possibilities in every room. Classen vinyl floors are also suitable for damp rooms because they are not sensitive to moisture. Therefore they can also be installed in the kitchen or staircase. The laying is also possible in commercial or object areas. The quality is high, so there is little wear on these modern class vinyl floors.

Easy to maintain surface

The high quality of the surface is also advantageous for cleaning. Since it is highly dirt repellent, nothing ever sticks. Even impurities in liquid form, such as red wine, gravy or other substances, do not penetrate the material and can be removed without further ado. The floor covering can also be cleaned when damp and with appropriate cleaning agents.

Laying is child's play

Classen Vinyl is a click vinyl. It is equipped with an easy to handle system. The vinyl planks or tiles can be plugged together effortlessly and the connection is permanent. Therefore, even people who are not very experienced in this field can easily install this vinyl floor. It is also advantageous that no special tools are required. To lay this floor covering, only a sharp cutter knife is required for cutting. If one day you need to move house, Classen vinyl flooring can simply be taken up again and laid somewhere else. The click connections can be used several times.

All the advantages of Classen Vinyl in a nutshell
  • Harmless vinyl floor awarded with Blue Angel
  • Beautiful wood and stone decors available
  • Easy to install thanks to click connection
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Permanently durable