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Egger organic flooring - Sustainable design icons with charisma and quality

Wood and cork are the essential materials from which Egger's high-quality organic floors are made. From five intelligently coordinated layers, hard-wearing, pollutant-free and environmentally friendly design floors are created, which make a little more of your beautiful rooms. Egger organic floors are suitable for small living oases and large object areas. A different look is particularly suitable for every style of furnishing. Choose your personal favourite floor from the Classic, Large or King Size series, from playful to avant-garde. With quality organic floors from Egger, you will definitely bring the desired ambience and much individuality into your home. Which living style do you particularly like?

Egger organic flooring - attractive, sustainable and healthy

Do you live traditional and classic or clean and purist? Do hygge or avant-garde determine your attitude to life? At Egger you will find attractive organic floors for every design requirement. In addition to the sustainable use of raw materials, resource-saving processing and environmentally friendly logistics are very important to the internationally positioned family business. Using the most modern technologies, Egger creates healthy organic floors with individual charisma and practical living comfort. Let yourself be inspired by the different decors!

Floors suitable for everyday use with fascinating properties

If sustainable, solid and pollutant-free living quality is important to you, then Egger's innovative organic floors are real wish fulfillers! It is not for nothing that the hard-wearing and robust floor coverings have been awarded the Blue Angel environmental seal and the PEFC seal for sustainable forestry. Cork and natural wood fibre improve the natural room climate. The integrated cork footfall sound insulation makes the organic floors wonderfully quiet. Thanks to the Click connection, the floors of all three series can be laid as floating floors without any problems - even on underfloor heating systems. The environmentally friendly UV protection layer makes the sustainable floors particularly scratch-resistant, lightfast and easy to maintain!

The right style for every home

Organic floors from Egger are available to suit every taste in living: bright and friendly, discreet and adaptable or really striking. The Classic, Lsrge or Kingsize series differ mainly in the width of the planks. 19.3 cm, 24.6 cm or 32.7 cm wide planks make a big difference in the room effect. Different types of wood, colour worlds and surface structures transform rooms into inviting, cosy or representative living worlds. The manufacturer offers a 15 year guarantee on its organic floors in the living area. This makes the easy-care and hard-wearing all-rounders an ideal investment in a future with more quality of life within your own four walls.

All quality facts at a glance:

  • robust and easy-care
  • 15 years warranty in the residential sector
  • integrated cork footfall sound insulation
  • suitable for floor heating systems
  • easy to install thanks to Click-It connection

Practical living quality with authentic flair

Modern, classic or elegantly furnished interiors only develop the perfect spatial effect with the right flooring. It is not always easy to choose the right floor covering for your own four walls. Sometimes you can feel it immediately: the quality is right and the decor matches the existing furnishings perfectly. Sometimes you can't agree within the family which floor is the most beautiful for the new old flat, house or holiday apartment. In these cases, a sample usually helps you. Classic, Large or King Size? On site you will notice which design really makes your heart beat faster. Because living rooms from a single mould look particularly spacious and spacious, it is important that every member of the family is happy with the floor. Innovative organic floors from Egger make your new home not only a touch more beautiful, but also more functional by classes. Individual style and high suitability for everyday use make up the charm of these sustainable floor coverings. Would you like to know more? Immerse yourself in the world of Egger's organic floors and approach your favourite style! Any more questions? We are here for you!