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Egger Laminate - Universally applicable floors with quality and flair!

With laminate floors from Egger you can choose from an exciting selection. The variety of qualities and designs is inspiring! At the quality manufacturer Egger you will find the perfect laminate for every taste and area of use. The renowned German manufacturer has been a good address for innovative, durable and resistant laminate floors for more than 20 years. Egger laminate scores with an outstanding price-performance ratio and excellent product quality. Let yourself be inspired by the various Egger laminate series and choose an attractive and healthy floor covering that makes your life at home a bit more comfortable.

Why is Egger laminate always a good choice?

As a specialist for high-quality laminate flooring, Egger offers a wide range of robust and easy-care laminate qualities for every taste and requirement. The attractive price-performance ratio, the large selection of designs, the uncomplicated installation and the high suitability for everyday use make laminate floors a must-have for many when it comes to interior design. Egger's patented Uni-Fit click mechanism makes floating installation easy for DIY enthusiasts and passionate hobby architects. All Egger laminate series are made of solid, swell-protected HDF boards. The authentic decor is safely protected by a highly abrasion-resistant surface. Laminate floors from Egger are particularly environmentally friendly because they are produced exclusively from the wood of sustainably managed forests.

Four strong layers!

All Egger laminate floors are characterised by sustainability, high quality and careful processing. All laminate floors are made of:

  • a scratch- and abrasion-resistant top layer of melamine resin
  • a decorative layer with wood, stone or fantasy designs
  • the carrier material of highly compressed wood fibre boards of different thicknesses
  • a counter traction as deformation protection

Which laminate series does the manufacturer Egger offer?

You will prefer a different Egger laminate flooring depending on your usage behaviour and the place of installation. The different variants are graded in ascending order according to thickness and load class. Laminate 7-31 Classic is an inexpensive and chic floor covering for less used rooms, such as guest rooms and bedrooms. 12-33 Classic by Egger, on the other hand, is a particularly robust and extremely hard-wearing laminate that can withstand commercial use with ease.

  • Laminate 7-31 Classic
  • Laminate 8-32 Classic
  • Laminate 8-32 Medium
  • Laminate 8-32 Large
  • Laminate 8-32 King-size
  • Laminate 10-32 Classic
  • Laminate 10-32 Long
  • Laminate 12-33 Classic

The same applies to Egger laminate floors: the higher the quality of the individual layers, the more resistant and durable the respective floor series is in everyday use. A glance at the service class of the laminate flooring will help you make a decision in case of doubt. In less used rooms, you may choose a thinner and thus more cost-effective laminate flooring than in heavily frequented passageways or foyers.

Attractive renovation aids for every taste and budget

Laminate floors from Egger refine your rooms in an inexpensive and practical way. Laminate floors with low installation height are ideal for quick and uncomplicated renovation in rented apartments or old buildings. Whether you decide on a particularly inexpensive laminate variant with a lively ship's floor look or on a representative and striking classic in mocha brown for your conference room, you know for yourself. Should you nevertheless fluctuate between several decors and qualities, we will be happy to help you with professional tips and samples. Just give us a call!

A little more style please!

Egger laminate floorings captivate with very authentic surfaces with a lot of structure and depth. Expressive grains, attractive colours and structures provide individual charisma and flair full of character. Browse through the different series and be enchanted by the attractive and versatile designs of innovative laminate flooring. Classic, modern or rustic style with robust and easy-care properties characterise the charm of every Egger laminate flooring. Any further questions? Our experts will be happy to help you!