Ewifoam impact sound insulation carpet pad Universol 1000 3in1

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Ewifoam Universol® 1000 3in1 Suitable for installation over underfloor heating : Yes Uneven surface (mm) PC: PC2 / up to 1.2 Static stress (kPa) CS: CS3 / up to 310 Dynamic stress (cycles) DL : DL3 / > 250 000 Impact stress (mm) RLB: RLB2 / up to 1000 Thermal resistance ( m² K/W): up to 0.006 Impact sound reduction (dB) IS: 14 (+/- 2) Walking sound emission (%) RWS: 20 (+/- 2) Moisture protection sD value (m) : >150 Material: PUM + PET Delivery form : underlay (roll), film and adhesive tape Thickness: 1.5 mm Length: 8 m Width: 1 m corresponds to: 8 m².
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Ewifoam Universol 1000 3in1 impact sound insulation underlay

For unadulterated pleasure from your new parquet or laminate floor, the right insulating underlay is very important! Without impact sound insulation, even the most attractive parquet can get on your nerves! Especially in heavily used rooms, where things can sometimes get wild and lively, high-performance impact sound insulation significantly improves living comfort. The 1.5 mm thick Universol 1000 3-in-1 impact sound insulation underlay from Ewifoam is not bulky, but still has a lot to offer! The insulation mat with Aquastop vapour barrier foil and adhesive tape can be easily laid on mineral subfloors and underfloor heating systems. The practical trio of insulation mat, foil and adhesive tape ensures pleasant acoustics in the room, high dimensional stability of your floor covering and effective mould prevention.

The extra-thin 3-in-1 insulation mat for quieter living!

The practical insulation underlay for laminate and parquet flooring from Equifoam is ideal for many areas of application. The Aquastop foil offers protection against moisture and humidity from below. The insulating PET material inspires with extremely high compressive stress and acoustic comfort. Even heavy furniture and falling objects can do little harm to your floor thanks to Universol 1000 3 in 1. The impact sound insulating underlay with integrated vapour barrier reduces noise and compensates for minor floor unevenness. For your high-quality laminate or parquet floor, this insulating underlay means a gain in acoustic comfort and durability.

Ewifoam Universol 1000 3 in 1 for DYI professionals

Anyone who installs their own parquet flooring has the ideal underlay with this combination underlay. The 3 in 1 insulation underlay from Ewifoam is 1 metre wide and is supplied in 8 metre long rolls including foil and adhesive tape. You can easily lay the compact insulation underlay on your underfloor heating. Thanks to the extremely low thermal resistance of 0.006 m² K/W, the heating pipes in the floor can unfold their warming effect unhindered. You are not sure whether this product is suitable for your rooms? Our parkettkaiser floor experts can help you with any questions you may have. Just call us if you are in doubt! It is important to us that you choose the right insulation underlay for your living situation. The adequate insulation underlay plays an almost as important role for the life span and living pleasure as your new floor itself!

  • ideally suited for underfloor heating
  • extremely low thermal resistance value of only 0.006 m² K/W
  • SD value of the integrated Aquastop vapour barrier: > 150 m
  • very good room acoustics and impact sound insulation
Brand Ewifoam
Manufacturer series name Universol
Self-adhesive No
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant No
Height (mm) 1,50
Thickness (mm) 1,50
Width (mm) 1.000,00
Length (mm) 8.000,00
Quality A1 sorting
Floor type suitability Laminate, Parquet
Suitability for underfloor heating ★★★★★
Footfall noise reduction % 20
Reflected walking sound (RWS) 20 % (+/- 2%)
Impact sound insulation dB 14
Max. impact sound reduction index 16
Heat transmission resistance 0.006 m² K/W
Heat insulation ✩✩✩✩✩
Manufacturer article number Ewifoam 188000000000001939
Manufacturer EAN Ewifoam 4033805025035
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