Ewifoam impact sound insulation carpet pad Vinlay Rapid HD - self-adhesive for adhesive vinyl

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Ewifoam Vinlay Rapid HD comfort and impact sound insulation underlay for vinyl flooring for full-surface adhesion (adhesive vinyl) - with vapour barrier - for floating dry installation - self-adhesive with peel-off foilSuitable for installation over underfloor heating: Yes Uneven surface (mm) PC: PC2 / up to 1.1 mm Staticstress (kPa) CS: CS3 / up to 500 kPa Dynamic stress(cycles) DL: DL3 / > 500 000 Impact stress (mm) RLB: RLB3 / up to 1500 Thermal resistance ( m² K/W):0.010(+/-0.003) Impact sound reduction (dB) IS: 15 (+/- 2) Walking sound emission (%) RWS: 6 (+/- 2) Moisture protection sD value (m): >75 Material: PUM + PETDelivery form : underlay (roll) Thickness: 1.8 mm Length: 6.5 m Width: 1 m corresponds to: 6. 5 m².

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Ewifoam impact sound insulation underlay Vinlay Rapid HD

The impact sound underlay Ewifoam Vinlay Rapid HD is the ideal basis for modern adhesive vinyl floors! It offers reliable impact sound insulation and thus improved room acoustics. The floating insulation underlay from Ewifoam is ideal for design floors for full-surface adhesion. The versatile impact sound insulation with integrated vapour barrier is self-adhesive after removal of the release film. So if you want to remove adhesive vinyl in rented flats without leaving any residue when you move and take it with you to your new home, Vinlay Rapid HD from Ewifoam is the perfect solution!

The floating adhesive vinyl insulation!

Ewifoam's uncomplicated impact sound insulation makes your hard-wearing vinyl floor even more comfortable. Not everyone knows that an impact sound insulating underlay is an essential contribution to the durability and quality of modern design floors. Floor elasticity and pleasant room acoustics are just as important for the feel-good factor in a room as the inspiring appearance of the floor covering. A floating underlay, to which you attach your adhesive vinyl after removing the protective film, is ideal wherever you cannot or do not want to remove existing old flooring. The impact sound insulating underlay with integrated moisture protection improves the acoustics in the room and optimises the pressure resistance of your design floor. The reliable underlay also stands up to heavy furniture and falling objects, thus protecting your chic design floor. If you want to remove the adhesive vinyl when moving house, the underlay makes it easy to do so without leaving any residue!

Ewifoam Vinlay Rapid HD - practical and efficient!

The functional insulation underlay Ewifoam Vinlay Rapid HD is only 1.8 mm thick and is supplied on rolls of 6.5 metres in length and one metre in width. The insulation mat is particularly ideal where the existing old floor must not be removed or damaged. The underlay, which is self-adhesive on the top side, is also suitable for underfloor heating systems. The integrated Aquastop vapour barrier effectively blocks out any moisture rising into the floor covering from below. This comfortable and versatile insulation underlay has many advantages! You are welcome to discuss whether it is ideal for your individual project with the parkettkaiser flooring experts! Not every subfloor is the same and not everywhere the requirements for an insulation underlay are the same. Compare thickness, thermal resistance, and percentage reduction in impact sound emission to determine your preferences! We want you to find the right insulation underlayment for your designer and vinyl flooring! Feel free to call us with any questions!

  • ideal for vinyl and design floors for gluing
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • low thermal resistance value of 0.01 m² K/W
  • SD value of the integrated Aquastop vapour barrier: > 75 m
  • pleasant room acoustics and effective impact sound insulation
Brand Ewifoam
Manufacturer series name Vinlay
Self-adhesive Yes
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant No
Thickness (mm) 1,80
Width (mm) 1.000,00
Length (mm) 6.500,00
Quality A1 sorting
Floor type suitability Vinyl floor for gluing, Design floor for gluing
Suitability for underfloor heating ★★★★✩
Footfall noise reduction % 6
Reflected walking sound (RWS) 6% (+/- 2%)
Impact sound insulation dB 15
Max. impact sound reduction index 17
Heat transmission resistance 0,010 m² K/W
Heat insulation ✩✩✩✩✩
Manufacturer article number Ewifoam 188000000000001941
Manufacturer EAN Ewifoam 4033805025073
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