HARO CELENIO wooden floor

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Celenio - the special soil

Stone floors have a very special effect. They embody durability and longevity. However, real stone floors are usually always quite cool. But this is by no means the case with the newly developed Celenio floor from Haro. Although this modern flooring has a stone look and structure, it is made of wood. This creates a combination of the comfort of wood with the timeless stone look.

Optically appealing designs are available

This innovatively designed flooring from Haro is available in many different slate designs. The tile decoration includes a wide range. It ranges from very light finishes to darker tones. For this reason, nothing at all stands in the way of creative furnishing. With this floor covering accents can be set. The floor is an excellent addition to any interior.

A floor covering of this kind immediately becomes an eye-catcher in any room. It is not easy for the observer to find out that no real tiles made of slate or similar are laid. Only the pleasant feeling when stepping on the floor makes you feel that it is something special.

A heavy duty floor

This floor covering is highly resilient. It is also break-proof. This is because it is made of a special wood material called Harolith. This is a high-strength material with a special load-bearing capacity. Due to their high stability, the individual tiles also have a construction height of only 6.5 millimetres. The low construction height of this floor covering is an advantage for all renovation work. Then there is usually no problem with opening the doors. The door leaves do not need to be shortened.

How to install

This Haro floor covering can be laid on all solid subfloors. An existing underfloor heating is no problem. However, it is not possible to install it in a bathroom or similar room with high humidity. It can be used for all other rooms without any problems.

Although it is not absolutely necessary, it is recommended that impact sound insulation be laid under this floor covering. For floors of this type, impact sound insulation is always advantageous because it reduces the sound to a considerable extent. Then the laying can begin.

The individual panels of the Celenio floor covering are 703 millimetres long and 350 millimetres wide. They are equipped with the so-called Top Connect. This is a roughly comparable system of click laminate. The boards are brought together at a slight angle and pressed down firmly. Then the system takes effect, creating a durable connection. The Haro floor covering is not fixed to the subfloor. Therefore it can be dismantled again.

Special features of this floor covering
  • Very interesting and modern looking stone decors
  • Made of high-quality wood material Harolith
  • Easy to install thanks to Top Connect
  • Very break-proof and long lasting