HARO Laminat Tritty 100


Haro Lamiant Tritty 100: high-quality flooring with style

The high-quality laminate flooring, which meets even the highest demands, comes from the manufacturer Haro. It is suitable for use in private as well as in commercially used rooms, because it is characterized by a high degree of resistance and has insensitive surfaces that can easily withstand all the stresses of everyday life. Visually, the laminate real wood parquet is in no way inferior and thus also represents a decorative enrichment of any room.

Haro Laminate Tritty 100
  • Robust and easy-care laminate flooring
  • Wideplank 1-plank
  • Floating installation with click system Top-Connect
  • Insensitive and hygienic thanks to special impregnation
  • Available in many different decors
  • Suitable for private and commercial rooms
Highly functional with a plus in user comfort

There are many laminate floors. But if you want it to be particularly functional and decorative, sooner or later you will come across Tritty 100 from Haro. The wideplates (1-strip) are characterised by a specially impregnated overlay as a top layer and are therefore particularly resistant to dirt and bacteria. The double moisture protection provided by the aquaTech system ensures that the boards do not swell when exposed to undesirable moisture. However, the manufacturer advises against use in damp rooms. Thanks to an antistatic treatment, no electrical discharges occur when walking on Haro laminate. The particularly warm floor covering is a tactile experience for the feet. The HDF carrier board in the middle section of each plank makes the laminate flexible and thus also protects the joints.

Natural wood decors also enrich the appearance

To ensure that the high-quality laminate flooring blends in with any existing furnishings and creates a harmonious overall picture, it is available in various wood decors. At first glance, these are hardly distinguishable from real wood floors, because they are modelled on their predecessors down to the smallest detail. Natural grains and deliberately integrated colour variations make the laminate a decorative eye-catcher in all rooms. No matter whether light or dark woods with lively or calm structures: there is a suitable floor covering for every requirement.

Laying the laminate flooring made easy

When it comes to laying Haro flooring, users benefit from the patented Top-Connect click system. This enables floating installation without any previous knowledge. Attractive room pictures can be created quickly and efficiently in this way. For use in private rooms, the laminate flooring corresponds to service class 23; for commercial use, it falls into service class 32. The surfaces of the planks are very robust and require only minimal maintenance. Oils or other treatments can safely be dispensed with. Haro's hygienic floor covering is also highly recommended for allergy sufferers.