Parador Vinyl flooring Trendtime 5 Iconics Dolomite white Oversize tile 4V

Item number: PAR_V_1744823-0001
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Manufacturer: Parador Product type: Vinyl Series: Trendtime 5 Iconics Surface: Mineral structure Décor : Dolomite white Chamfer: 4-sided chamfer Use class: 23/33 Warranty: Lifetime for private use / 10 years for commercial use Installation connection: Comfort-Click Insulation: Integrated acoustic backing Structure: SPC core board Thickness: 6mm Width: 45.7cm Length: 0.914m Pieces in a package: 5 this corresponds to 2.088m²
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Parador Vinyl Trendtime 5 Iconics Dolomit Weiss large format tile 4V - the used look from the mineral!

The marbling of a rock layer is an exclusive feature that can only be considered noble. Here we are talking about a mineral quality that has been used for thousands of years and can be found in almost every castle, in communal bathrooms or other cultural sites. Which mineral pattern is finally chosen can be reduced to taste alone. The colour surface DOLOMIT WEISS GROSSFLIESE from PARADOR®, which otherwise appears light grey, has a tendency to yellow in places and can be compared to a used look. However, as it is a mineral, this compound has an even iridescence.

VINYL TRENDTIME 5 - a large tile that guarantees durability!

Mineral structures are inherently more durable than wooden structures. While wood decomposes over time, inorganic minerals are far less affected and are usually worn away by weather or water and air movements. In the case of the large DOLOMIT WHITE tile from the brand manufacturer PARADOR®, although it is an organic substance, it has the value of a mineral. The main reason for this is the vinyl, which is a thermoplastic polymer made up of organic carbon chains. Environmental friendliness is by no means lost and the flooring presents itself as an A+ emission class. The production chain was monitored by TÜV and accompanied from the beginning. The result is a usage class 23/33, which can be used privately and commercially. In fact, a LIFETIME guarantee supports a longevity which is also to be strived for in one's own living space.

The large tile from the TRENDTIME 5 ICONICS series can be used in almost any highly frequented interior. Mainly responsible for this is a SPC core board. Taking into account swell-tempered and water-repellent properties, the floor covering can also be used in wet rooms. The floor, which can be used in a hospital, doctor's office or pharmacy, also has a UV-finishing layer which has antibacterial properties. This surface is also easy to clean and complements any public interior excellently. Furthermore, the impact sound is massively reduced by an integrated acoustic counter-draft. This results in a summary of the following advantages:

  • Décor: Dolomite White
  • Colour scheme: grey and puristic
  • Structure: SPC core board
  • Surface: Mineral structure
  • Impact sound insulated
  • Suitable for underfloor heating & damp rooms
  • Use classes: 23/33
  • Guarantee: Lifetime for private use
DOLOMIT WEISS GROSSFLIESE - the attractiveness of a light mineral structure!

Dolomite, which can also be referred to as pearl spar, is the model for this design creation from PARADOR®. If you take a closer look at this mineral, you will notice that similar patterns to this one are created by the inclusion of golden-yellow magnesite. In the case of the large DOLOMIT WHITE tile, a massive natural design has therefore been built upon, which can be perfectly enhanced by dark or colourful furnishings. Even shrill colours are welcome here, which not every floor covering can claim.

Brand Parador
Manufacturer series name Trendtime 5 Iconics
Type of wood or style / pattern Dolomit
Decor - wood pattern Dolomite white
Color World Grey & Puristic
Surface Mineral structure
Product group Large tile
Bevel Yes
Type of bevel 4-sided chamfer
Construction SPC support plate
Installation Floating installation
Link / joint / connection type Comfort-Click
Integrated sound insulation Yes
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant Yes
Manufacturer warranty in years Lifetime for private use / 10 years for commercial use
Wear class 23/33
Surface layer mm 0,55
Height (mm) 6,00
Thickness (mm) 6,00
Width (mm) 457,00
Length (mm) 914,00
Quality A1 sorting
Eco-label / Certification PEFC Siegel Made in Germany
Manufacturer article number Parador 1744823
Manufacturer EAN Parador 4014809240815
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2-3 Tage