Classen Design floor NEO 2.0 Stone

NEO 2.0 Stone is proof of sustainability in action

The NEO 2.0 Stone series from the manufacturer CLASSEN is a natural talent for every home. This high-quality designer flooring has a lot to offer and is often used by architects as well as do-it-yourself builders and renovators. Tangible and typical structures give this floor a harmonious overall appearance. Furthermore, the floor covering is healthy to live with and ideal for allergy sufferers. The 100% recyclable materials also contribute to ecological living. The CERAMIN® carrier board already consists of a pioneering material, a new development based on a mineral base. The semi-rigid material leaves a natural and authentic impression. Behind closed doors, there is even talk of a new revolution. A design floor created for several generations. How to do that? The highly developed achievement CERAMIN® carrier board forms the basis for this. In addition, the elements convince by a first-class processing method. Thanks to these outstanding conditions a unique design floor is created.

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You won't go swimming with this floor

Households with children are quite lively. Of course not everything always goes smoothly. A glass tips over and the juice runs onto the floor. Or your offspring forget to take off their wet shoes in the entrance. Visible puddles of water are proof that the offspring simply did not think of it. However, you do not have to bury your head in the sand. The manufacturer has also thought along with us at this point. The NEO 2.0 Stone series is waterproof and easy to clean. Thus this floor is ideally equipped for all eventualities. In general, the floor covering is considered a true all-rounder thanks to its versatile properties. Consequently, it makes a wonderful figure in the hallway, kitchen or children's room. It is a fact that this product range unfolds its effect in every room in a remarkable way.

Something for the eye

The décors with their versatile design appear rich in contrast, striking and stylish. The stone decor collection is also a feast for the eyes. The light sandstone as well as the dark slate or granite provide an elegant living flair. The integrated surrounding chamfers give the floor a noble charm. In addition, it offers an unbelievable number of possibilities for interior design. Many customers are enthusiastic about the incredible authenticity. These versions convince with a rustic and comfortable design. Reproduced cracks, cracks and grains enhance the natural effect of the individual tile in an impressive way. The design floor with its multi-layer structure brings out many product features:

  • The surface is easy to clean and insensitive to dirt.
  • You benefit from a soft and joint-gentle gait sensation.
  • The design floor is even suitable for wet rooms and is characterised by a low construction height
  • An ideal covering for do it yourself renovators, because the material is easy and quick to lay and the relative flatness usually makes sanding down doors unnecessary.