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Classen Design floor NEO: modern floor (also) for damp rooms

The NEO designer flooring collection from the well-known manufacturer Classen has been specially developed for use in both private and commercial premises, including wet rooms. It is characterised by robust and water-repellent properties and is also very comfortable to use. Available in a variety of attractive decors, the design floor integrates into numerous living styles and decoratively enriches apartments and houses as well as shops and offices.

Interesting facts about the Classen NEO design floor:
  • Modern design floor for private and commercial use
  • Format: plank, tile or XXL plank
  • Water-repellent and suitable for humid rooms
  • Robust and scratch-resistant
  • Available in many wood and stone decors
  • Environmentally friendly, because 100% recyclable
  • Warm feet and hygienic
Modern design floor for private and commercial rooms

Everyday life places very special demands on floor coverings used in damp rooms. The NEO design floor from Classen fulfils these requirements without any problems, as it is water-repellent and can therefore be ideally used in bathrooms and kitchens, but also in offices and cafés. Thanks to the Pentatac technology used, the planks are particularly robust and resistant. At the same time, they offer maximum user comfort: this is also due to the soft-touch surface, which makes the floor covering very pleasant to the touch and at the same time warm to the feet.

Authentic decors create a pleasant atmosphere

Classen's NEO floor covering is available in various decors. These are emphatically natural and authentic, so that at first glance it is not apparent whether the product is made of real wood or stone or whether it is a particularly successful replica. Depending on the chosen variant, the design floor blends harmoniously into modern, rustic and timeless furnishing styles and creates attractive room images. Among other things, this is ensured by lively patterns and grains. The XXL planks are particularly decorative, providing visual highlights in private and commercial rooms alike.

Environmentally friendly and healthy floor covering

NEO by Classen is not only convincing with its functionality, its design and its high level of comfort of use: the design floor is also at the forefront in terms of environmental protection. It is manufactured without PVC, chlorine or softeners and is 100% recyclable. Even allergy sufferers or sensitive persons benefit from the use of the modern design floor. With the help of the Megaloc system the planks can be laid with one click: Adhesives or other assembly aids can be dispensed with even without any previous knowledge in this area.