Classen wall and floor tile NEO Vario 30x60

Impressive tiles of the Neo Vario 30x60 format collection

Tiles have a particularly high decorative value in all apartments. They not only look particularly beautiful in the bathroom or kitchen. In many other rooms, too, visually appealing tiles look particularly beautiful and ensure a cosy living comfort. However, many people shy away from tiling the walls and floors. The greatest difficulty is the high amount of work involved. In addition, there is always a lot of dirt when laying tiles. But this is no longer the case with the new tiles in the Neo Vario collection. These tiles are very easy to lay. The amount of work is low and there is no dirt during installation.

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Classen NEO Vario Tile 30/60 Waterproof Malerva 4V
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Tiles of a novel material

Tiles do not necessarily have to be made of ceramic. A new composite material called Ceramin was developed especially for this purpose. This material is significantly lighter than ceramic and is much easier to process. Tiles made of this modern material are offered in a wide range of beautiful decors. This results in countless design possibilities.

Of course, the material Ceramin is waterproof and has a high insensitivity to chemical and mechanical stress. It is advantageous that it does not contain any questionable plasticizers or similar critical substances. Therefore, there is no evaporation of substances that are hazardous to health. The tiles are also odourless. They also have high dimensional stability and are just as durable as ceramic tiles.

Because the material is harmless, it is also possible to completely recycle the tiles in the Neo Vario collection. This is an enormous benefit for the environment. It is always advantageous if materials can be reused several times.

Laying tiles made easy

Laying the novel ceramic tiles is very easy. They can be attached to both the walls and the floor with a suitable adhesive. The subfloor simply needs to be load-bearing and as level as possible. Then the adhesive is applied and evenly distributed. The tiles are glued together one after the other. This procedure is quite simple. The cutting is done with a conventional carpet knife. This allows the 315 x 642 millimetre tiles to be cut to size with ease. Cutouts for obstacles of all kinds or sockets and switches can also be made with such a knife.

The real highlight of the Neo Vario tiles is that they can be laid on existing tiles. A new bathroom is ready in an afternoon. - Clean old tiles, apply adhesive and lay Neo Vario. - Done. No knocking off, no dust, no grouting, no dust in the whole house. When laying the Neo Vario 30x60 ceramic tiles, it is also advantageous that they are already provided with a mini bevel. The tiles are seamlessly joined together. Therefore the work of grouting is completely unnecessary. After the tiles are glued, the work is finished. The tiles can then be used immediately. However, it is advisable to wait until the adhesive has fully cured before cleaning the newly installed tiles.

Listing of all advantages of the Neo Vario 30x60 collection
  • Beautiful decors available in different designs
  • Tiles that are easy to apply and glue
  • Existing ceramic tiles do not need to be removed
  • Easy to clean tiles with dirt-repellent surface
  • Completely harmless to the environment and health