Classen wall and floor tile

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Newly developed Classen wall and floor tile

Ceramic tiles are waterproof, easy to clean and very durable. For this reason, they are in great demand for laying walls and floors in bathrooms and other damp rooms in the home. The disadvantage, however, is the costly processing. Laying tiles is a job for professionals. In addition, tile cutting machines and numerous other tools are required to perform this work professionally. But this is completely different with Classen wall and floor tiles. Any layman can publish these. But more about that later.

New composite material Ceramin

The newly developed composite material Ceramain has many advantages. It is light and easy to process. In addition, this material is durable and resistant to most cleaning agents. Of course the material is also waterproof. The durability of this material is comparable to the durability of ceramic tiles. But there are other special features of these wall and floor tiles from Classen.

During the production process, conscious attention is paid to harmless substances. Therefore, neither plasticizers nor other substances that could lead to health problems are contained in these tiles. For this reason, the Classen wall and floor tiles can also be used in apartments where allergy sufferers or people with respiratory problems live. Due to the odour neutrality, no pets are deterred by these tiles.

Many designs and formats are available

The selection of available designs always plays an important role for all tiles. Both the floor and the walls should fit perfectly with the furnishings or your personal taste. That is why every prospective customer will find a suitable Classen wall and floor tile.

In addition to the different designs, the tiles are offered in numerous formats. This aspect should also be considered. It is therefore possible to choose a different tile format for the floor than for the walls, for example. If wall tiles are installed in the bathroom, it may be possible to install small-format tiles in the shower and large-format tiles on the walls. The large selection of different designs and different formats allows enormous creative freedom.

The wall and floor tiles are quickly installed

An advantage, which plays an important role for many interested parties, is that no professional tiler has to be commissioned to lay these modern tiles for walls and floors. Anyone can do the work themselves. Even laymen can do this work. It is only necessary to prepare the substrate in an appropriate manner. The substrates must only be clean and dry. Then the adhesive is applied and the tiles are pressed firmly onto it.

Advantages of Classen wall and floor tiles
  • Manufactured from newly developed material Ceramin
  • Healthy, novel organic soil
  • Perfect for renovations, as it is only 3mm thick and can be glued directly onto old tiles
  • Simply stick onto existing tiles
  • Innovative connection system - no jointing work necessary
  • waterproof and easy to clean
  • Many decors and formats available
  • Easy to glue wall and floor tiles
  • Tough and durable material