Classen wall and floor tile NEO Vario 40x120

Modern wall and floor tiles Neo Vario 40x120 cm

Laying tiles is normally always a very laborious job. First of all, the old tiles have to be removed and the walls usually also have to be replastered. This work is not only time-consuming, but also causes a lot of dirt. The modern Neo Vario wall and floor tiles are much easier to install. These are available in numerous designs. This means that new tiles in the kitchen, bathroom or even in other rooms can be installed very easily, without dirt and damn quickly.

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Many modern decors are available

There are numerous decors to choose from among these special tiles. In addition to models in subtle tones, models in stronger colours are also available. So it is always possible to find a perfectly fitting tile of the Neo Vario series. The large selection of different designs makes it possible to create individual room designs that immediately attract all eyes. The observer cannot help but be amazed.

These tiles are quickly installed

There is no need to make any particularly elaborate preparations to install these modern tiles on the walls or floor. It is even possible to glue them onto existing ceramic tiles. The existing ceramic tiles simply need to be thoroughly cleaned and primed. Then the appropriate adhesive is applied and the Neo Vario tiles are firmly pressed on. Ready!

The Neo Vario 40x120 has dimensions of 1180 millimetres in length and 392 millimetres in width. With this XL tile even larger wall and floor areas can be laid in the shortest time and the result is simply breathtaking. To shorten these tiles to the appropriate dimensions, a normal cutter knife, sometimes also called a carpet knife, is sufficient. No other tools are required. Therefore every do-it-yourselfer or house builder can easily equip his shower, his complete bathroom or other rooms "in between" with modern tiles.

As these tiles are already equipped with a fixed connection incl. minifuge, there is no need for any complicated grouting. The tiles can therefore be applied in a single operation and can be used immediately afterwards. Unsightly discoloured joints are now a thing of the past.

No fear of pollutants

For the production of these modern tiles made of ceramine, no substances are required at all from which risks could arise. PVC or other questionable plasticizers are not present in these tiles. Therefore no unpleasant odours are caused by these tiles. This is also advantageous for pets, allergy sufferers and small children. Ceramin combines all the advantages of ceramic tiles but without the disadvantages of weight, laying and grouting.

Another advantage is that the material can be 100 percent recycled. This aspect is also becoming increasingly important. Nowadays, nobody wants to have building materials in the home that cause environmental pollution.

Enumeration of the special features of the Neo Vario 40x120 tiles
  • Modern wall and floor tiles in beautiful designs
  • Easy to glue without great effort
  • Healthy living and durable like a ceramic tile
  • Easy to clean material
  • Water-repellent profile system
  • Elegant microjoint, no grouting necessary
  • Simple processing without noisy machines
  • Cutting to size with cutter knife