Classen wall and floor tile NEO Vario 40x80

Decorative tiles Neo Vario 40x80

Not only in new buildings, but also in many renovation projects it is necessary to install new tiles on walls or on the floor. That's a lot of work. This is much easier to achieve with tiles made of a newly developed composite material called Ceramin. These are available in numerous modern designs. This allows creative room designs to be realised without much effort. Whether it is the redesign of a shower, a complete bathroom or a whole house, it does not matter. The easy to work tiles are suitable for many purposes.

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Effortless processing of these tiles

In contrast to conventional ceramic tiles, the new Ceramin tiles are easy to lay. They are suitable for both walls and floors. The surface only needs to be thoroughly cleaned and above all dry. If there are still old tiles on the walls or on the floor, this is no problem. These need not be removed. However, they should be prepared with an appropriate primer.

The Neo Vario 40x80 tiles are then simply applied with the appropriate adhesive. This work is very simple and everyone succeeds. They can be cut to the required size with a cutter knife. Cut-outs for pipe penetrations or other obstacles are also easy to cut out. To work with these modern tiles is a lot of fun. This means that anyone can set completely new accents in their own home in no time at all.

A very interesting feature is also that these tiles are already provided with joints. These are also very decorative. Thanks to the innovative connection, the Vario tiles are flush and watertight with each other. Therefore no additional grouting is required. This saves a lot of work and dirt and unsightly joints that eventually turn dark or black simply no longer exist. - No more reworking or grouting is required. That is also a relief.

Outstanding features of these tiles

The composite material Ceramin, from which these tiles are made, is of course waterproof. In addition, the tiles are dirt-repellent so that they can be cleaned easily. No more dirt can adhere to these tiles. Due to the complete absence of a joint, the formation of mould in the joint areas is impossible - an advantage not to be underestimated, especially in the shower. Therefore the tiles also contribute to the well-being of the residents. You receive a perfect, healthy living climate.

As the careful use of resources in our environment is becoming increasingly important, Classen is setting a shining example with the Vario tile. Therefore, only healthy, recyclable and resource-saving substances are used in the production process. This is not only advantageous for all allergy sufferers but was also honoured by the award of the blue angel. But even if these tiles are to be replaced after many decades, there is no impact on the environment at all. The material is completely recyclable.

Summary of the advantages of Neo Vario 40x80 tiles
  • Very attractive fashionable designs are available
  • Equally suitable for new buildings and renovations
  • Extremely flat construction of only 3mm
  • Practical dimensions of 392 x 780 millimetres
  • Easy to glue wall and floor tiles made of Ceramin
  • Old ceramic tiles do not need to be removed
  • Easy to clean dirt-repellent surface
  • Just as durable as ceramic tiles
  • Completely recyclable