HARO DISANO Project design floor for gluing

Disano Project - healthy living design floor

Anyone looking for a modern and rustic design floor will be very satisfied with this flooring from Haro. This floor covering can be laid in any room without any problems and is a great enrichment for every apartment. The optical appearance appears modern and down-to-earth at the same time. This design floor offers innumerable combination possibilities for interior design and of course for furnishing styles of all kinds. But not only the optics are impressive. There are other features that are described in more detail below.

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A design floor made of modern materials

An ElastoTec layer forms the basis of this floor covering. This has a heat-insulating property. Nevertheless, this floor covering is suitable for rooms that are equipped with underfloor heating. The reason for this is that the heat of the underfloor heating is conducted through the material from bottom to top, but not vice versa. The heat from the room can therefore not be dissipated to the ground.

The ElastoTec layer has another advantage. It's waterproof. Therefore, it is possible to install the Disano Project design floor in damp rooms. These can be bathrooms, utility rooms or any other rooms where high humidity is expected. The moisture cannot harm this soil.

Beneficial to health

No questionable materials are used in the production of the waterproof carrier plate or the SilenceSense surface. In this design floor from Haro there is no PVC and no plasticizers. Therefore, the floor does not emit any emissions that are harmful to health. This is also evident from the fact that the floor is completely odourless.

The easy-to-clean surface also has no electrostatic properties. Therefore it does not magically attract dust. Even dust mites and other pests avoid this floor covering. It makes them uncomfortable at all. This is an advantage for all allergy sufferers and people who already have respiratory problems.

As this design floor is completely harmless from a health point of view, children can also play and romp on it without any problems. The hard-wearing surface can withstand a lot. This is why the Haro design floor is also suitable for rooms in the commercial sector.

Easy to process adhesive vinyl

This floor covering is a design floor covering which is glued over the entire surface. This work succeeds quite quickly, because the boards have a pleasant size. They are 1300 millimetres long and 248 millimetres wide. Therefore they can be easily glued to the substrate. It also does no harm if there is underfloor heating. The height of the panels is only 2.0 millimetres. This low construction height is an advantage for all renovation work.

All advantages of the Disano Project
  • Design floor in a visually appealing design
  • High and durable quality
  • Contains no harmful plasticizers
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and in damp rooms
  • Effortless cleaning