HARO DISANO design floor

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Haro design floor Disano, perfect design in series

With so many advantages, it is almost difficult to consider yet another floor covering. Disano simply always harmonises, no matter what style of furnishing you prefer. Whether industrial design or Nordic chic, the Haro Disano design floor has the right wood look for you. Because Disano decors are always geared to current living trends, so that your home becomes a real eye-catcher with feel-good charm. Light colours such as Glacier Oak, White Oak, Riva Oak or Nordica Pine go particularly well with a Scandinavian style of furnishing. For the perfect BoHo style, on the other hand, you should choose more elegant, darker colours such as French smoked oak, Cambridge oak, wild oak or walnut, which also radiate a cosy warmth. Once you have found the right colour, all you have to do is choose the right structure. At the same time, rustic fine wood designs convey a touch of naturalness, while such calm oak decors with their neutral bevel bring out the beauty of real wood particularly well. The rustic oak decors with their accentuated bevel, on the other hand, offer the convincing look of real parquet.

Haro Disano design floor, a particularly environmentally friendly floor covering

The name Disano stands for a modern floor covering that combines many advantages. This is:

  • Environmentally friendly, because this floor covering does not contain any PVC or plasticizers, which makes it low in emissions and healthy for living
  • its plank look makes it look like pre-finished parquet
  • a very robust design floor with a stable wear layer, whose resulting service class makes it an environmentally friendly all-rounder
  • available in many wood designs and colours suitable for wet rooms
  • Warm feet when walking barefoot an easy to clean surface without electromagnetic properties, therefore no dust is attracted Suitable for underfloor heating
  • especially recommended for allergy sufferers, as pests and house dust mites avoid this coating
  • no discoloration in sunlight
  • pleasantly soft walking sensation
  • impact sound damped
  • the Disano design floor is glued over the entire surface. Due to their favourable size, however, the panels can be easily glued to the substrate.
The Disano designer flooring range

This assortment consists of six different, pollutant-free series, which all inspire with a high-quality wood look.

  • Disano Life is convincing thanks to its special SilentSense surface technology and is particularly hard-wearing, easy to care for and warm to the feet.
  • Disano SmartAqua, equipped with an AquaReject carrier board which, thanks to its full-surface bonding, can withstand any wetness perfectly.
  • Disano Classic Aqua is resistant to moisture thanks to its AquaReject carrier board. Due to its ElastoTec layer, this floor covering gets its pleasant, soft walking feeling.
  • Disano sapphire is both decorative and hard-wearing and is therefore particularly recommended for rooms where the floor covering is subject to heavy wear.
  • The waterproof Disano Project designer flooring is professionally bonded and is extremely durable. At the same time, Disano Project conveys a warm and comfortable ambience.