HARO DISANO SmartAqua design floor

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Disano SmartAqua - moisture-resistant designer floor

A design floor in many different versions is always particularly interesting because it can be used to design creative interiors. The SmartAqua floor from Haro offers many beautiful designs. This flooring has a very special effect, making it the centre of any room. But not only the optical appearance is impressive with this floor covering. It also has many other advantages, which are explained in more detail below.

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This design floor consists of several layers

The core of this design floor is the AquaReject carrier board. It not only has a high stability, but is also resistant to moisture. This floor covering can therefore also be laid in bathrooms and other damp areas.

The surface with the name SilentSense provides the optical stimuli. It also has a high abrasion resistance. For this reason, the floor covering is very hard-wearing. Even with intensive use no damage occurs. The Disano SmartAqua design floor is not only suitable for heavily used rooms in the home environment. It can also be used in commercial premises. A special feature is that impressions of heavy pieces of furniture disappear again in a short time.

On the underside of the panels there is a cork backing strip. This provides a high level of footfall sound insulation. For this reason, the installation of additional footfall sound insulation is unnecessary and not approved. Another interesting advantage of the cork coating is the slightly springy effect. The floor covering feels pleasant when walked on and is easy on the joints. This also increases the comfort of living.

The SmartAqua floor Disano is easy to install

One of the advantages of this floor covering is that it is very easy to lay. It is equipped with TopConnect. The panels of the design floor are provided with specially shaped grooves and tongues. These are simply clicked together at a certain angle. This means that the entire floor covering is laid floating on the subfloor. The floor may also have underfloor heating. Another advantage, however, is that this flooring can be laid over the entire surface with adhesive.

This high-quality flooring from Haro does not deform due to heat. There is also no curvature if the floor covering is exposed to direct sunlight. This advantage should not be underestimated either.

A quickly cleaned floor covering

The special surface of this floor covering is highly dirt-repellent. Therefore, no impurities adhere stubbornly to it. For this reason, the floor can easily be cleaned with a broom or vacuum cleaner. If necessary, the cleaning can also be done with a damp mop.

Advantages of the Disano SmartAqua design floor
  • A floor covering with special optical attractions
  • Suitable for commercial properties thanks to high-quality surface
  • Easy to install thanks to TopConnect
  • Integrated cork footfall sound insulation
  • Also suitable for laying in damp rooms
  • An existing underfloor heating system is no problem