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Corkett -innovative cork floor from Haro

Cork is a very special material. It belongs to the renewable raw materials because it is extracted from the bark of the cork oak. This stable bark protects the tree against all adversities. It protects against dehydration, overheating and also against parasite infestation. These advantages were decisive for the fact that particularly high-quality floor coverings are made of cork. Meanwhile, the cork floors from the manufacturer Haro are available in many interesting designs.

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Countless designs are available

The design is always particularly important. That is why these floor coverings are available in many colours and decors. There are natural coloured cork floors, but these floor coverings are also available in other colours. Some cork floors are also available in the form of wood reproductions. The reason for the extensive design variety lies in the sealing.

The surface of the cork floor is sealed by the manufacturer Haro, so that it cannot get dirty so quickly. In addition, the sealing minimizes wear and tear. As digital printing technology has already advanced very far in the meantime, the sealants can have a wide variety of decors. This means that a cork floor that is suitable from an optical point of view can be found for every style of furnishing. But there are other advantages of these special floor coverings.

Special characteristics of the Corkett

The cork warp floor not only looks good, but has many good qualities. It feels pleasant, so that the joints and also the spine are relieved and protected when stepping on it. Furthermore, it does not provide a habitat for mites and other pests. This is an enormous advantage for all people who are plagued by allergies.

Another feature is that the floor covering has an antistatic effect. Therefore it is no problem at all to clean it. If necessary, it can also be cleaned with a mop. The high-quality sealing is durable and reliably prevents the penetration of short-term moisture.

Laying this flooring from Haro is also easy

This floor covering can be laid in almost all rooms of an apartment. Laying is just as easy as laying the click laminate. The cork boards are simply pressed together on the long side and pressed down strongly on the short side. Then the click connection takes effect so that the individual panels are firmly connected to each other. Even with this natural floor covering, there should be an expansion joint of about 10 to 15 millimetres wide on all walls.

Overview of the advantages of the Corkett from Haro
  • Made from the bark of the cork oak
  • Excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Contributes to a healthy living climate
  • Very suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to install thanks to the click system