HARO cork flooring

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Haro cork floor in special quality

A cork floor is something very special. It is not only about the fact that it is made from a natural and renewable material. An essential aspect is the many good properties that such a soil offers. Especially the cork floors from Haro are of high quality. This manufacturer is a leader in the production of cork floors. The latest collection is Corkett. The special properties offered by this floor covering are described in more detail below.

Cork floors from Haro in many designs

Cork looks very beautiful in itself. The light brown colouring can be combined very well with many different furnishing styles. But Haro also offers cork floors in various colours and designs. There is also a choice of wood-look versions and parquet replicas. The different designs are created by sealing the surface of the cork. This process is carried out using the most modern printing technology. Therefore it is also possible to give the cork floor a special appearance. Thanks to these versatile design options, there is a cork floor to suit every individual taste from a visual point of view.

But the sealing has not only optical advantages. It also facilitates the cleaning of the floor covering. Dirt in liquid form cannot penetrate the material at all. This allows them to be removed easily and quickly. The quality of the surface is such that such a floor can withstand cleaning with a damp mop.

Every Haro cork floor improves the living climate

Not only the optical appearance plays a major role in a floor covering. Haro's modern cork flooring also has properties that serve to increase well-being. This includes, among other things, that no mites can settle on the cork floor. Furthermore, the surface does not attract dust. These properties are a great advantage for all people with respiratory problems and allergies.

Other beneficial properties include noise protection and sound insulation. The cork floor absorbs a large part of all sounds occurring in the home. It also insulates the heat. Nobody needs to get cold feet any more. The good noise and sound insulation also contribute to improving the living climate. This means that only by laying a new floor covering can a completely new living feeling be created.

The cork floor from Haro is laid effortlessly

A very interesting plus point is that Haro's cork floor can be laid easily and without any special effort. The cork boards are provided with special grooves and tongues. These are simply plugged together and pressed down. In this way, all the cork boards are connected to each other. They can also be resumed at any time if necessary.

Listing of all the advantages of the Haro cork floor
  • A floor covering with a wide range of design options
  • High thermal and sound insulation
  • Mites and other pests do not settle on the Haro cork floor
  • Easy to install click system