HARO Laminate Tritty 100 Campus

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The laminate Tritty 100 Campus with impressive effect

With this laminate, the manufacturer Haro sets completely new accents. It is available in 2 different light wood reproductions. These make even smaller rooms appear considerably larger and create a feeling of comfort. The designs of these modern floor coverings match many different interior styles. It is particularly interesting that this laminate is a real eye-catcher in any room. The impressive appearance puts all other components in the room in the shade. For this reason it does not really matter what style the furniture is in.

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Laminate with high stability

In addition to the optical appearance, the quality of a floor covering always plays a major role. For this reason, the manufacturer Haro has also attached great importance to using only high-quality materials for the production of the Tritty 100 laminate. The result is a laminate that meets even the highest demands. It is equipped with a stable HDF carrier board.

The surface is also very stable and above all scratch-resistant. It shows almost no abrasion. Therefore, it can also withstand high loads without any problems. The quality of the surface of this laminate is so high that it can also be used in the commercial and industrial sectors. Because even in more heavily frequented commercial rooms, a beautiful laminate flooring has a special appeal.

Even laymen can lay this laminate

The renowned manufacturer Haro has developed a connection system that allows even laymen to lay this laminate themselves. The system with the designation TopConnect is almost self-explanatory. The tongue of a laminate panel is simply inserted into the groove of the already lying panel from above at an angle. As soon as the panel is then pressed down, it will snap into place. It could hardly be easier to lay a laminate floor. Any do-it-yourselfer who has never laid a floor before will achieve a professional result with the Tritty 100 Campus.

If there is underfloor heating in the floor, the Haro Tritty 100 can still be laid on top of it. Impact sound insulation should be laid underneath it in any case. The installation of an appropriate footfall sound insulation is not difficult at all. However, it has a high utility value because it significantly increases living comfort.

Especially easy to clean

It is also always important that the floor is easy and quick to clean. This project succeeds very well with the Tritty 100 from Haro. The surface is dirt-repellent and therefore easy to clean. In addition, soiling, even in liquid form, cannot penetrate the material and cause permanent discoloration. In almost all cases, dry cleaning with a broom or even a vacuum cleaner is sufficient. The laminate retains its beautiful appearance for many years.

Summary of the benefits of the Tritty 100 Campus
  • Beautiful laminate in attractive designs
  • Makes small rooms look bigger
  • Can also be laid by laymen
  • Easy to clean thanks to dirt-repellent surface