HARO Laminate Tritty 100 Loft

Tritty 100 Loft for elegant real wood look

The floor of a room represents the basis and is responsible for a harmonious overall picture and a beautiful appearance. The Tritty 100 Loft flooring offers both. The design features bright and friendly colours and is therefore also ideal for small and narrow rooms. The Tritty 100 Loft laminate looks like real wood, but has the advantage that it is much cheaper. So if you want to save money and still have a warm wooden look, you can choose this floor. No matter what furniture you own, with this floor everything seems a decisive nuance warmer and more charming. If required, you are welcome to order a sample and see for yourself. This creates a real living feeling with character. It doesn't always have to be parquet flooring, but sometimes it is advantageous if it looks and feels like it.

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Optics and design for living character

To make the Haro Tritty 100 Loft series floors look like parquet and laminate, they undergo a special process in which the surfaces are impregnated. This also makes the floors particularly resistant and does not require much time for maintenance. The floors have a double moisture protection and are also durable. So you can enjoy your new floor not only for a short time, but actually for a long time. It looks like new. Even if you are an allergy sufferer or have allergies in your home, this floor is the right one for you. This model is not so well suited for damp rooms, but here you can fall back on an alternative that is just as attractive. The surface of the floor appears to be naturally oiled and resembles real wood that has been cared for and treated in this respect.

  • Real wood look
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
Function and design skilfully combined

The floor of this series offers a high benefit for the whole family due to its longevity. In addition, it looks great and enhances the entire decor of the home. The installation is simple and is done by click connection, therefore no extra tools are necessary. Another great thing about the flooring is that it can be walked on immediately after laying. This way you can immediately enjoy your floor and can also quickly place your furniture however you like. Enjoy the warmth that this soil brings with it.