HARO Laminate Tritty 200 Aqua Gran Via

HARO Laminate Tritty 200 Aqua Gran Via - Natural look paired with technical perfection

A natural look combined with technical KNOW HOW will be one of the reasons why customers will always gladly fall back on the products of the brand manufacturer HARO©. Innovation plays a major role in this and is a contemporary adaptation of products to the existing structural and architectural templates.
Laminate from one of the leading manufacturers in Germany means quality Made in Germany. Through authentic wood reproductions of breathtaking naturalness in appearance and material perfection in detail. The oak tree, Germany's favourite tree, touches on mysticism in a modern glow by reducing its shape, originally gnarled and rooted, to its inner life. Texture as the language of the most varied colour characteristics thus consciously comes to the fore and allows its owners to go beyond a particularly natural wood look. Maybe this brings back memories of the oak tree in the field where we were enjoying the sun. Maybe this tree was a "guardian of the field", like one of the most famous oaks in Upper Franconia.

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