HARO Laminat Tritty 200

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Haro laminate Tritty 200 in high quality workmanship

If you are looking for a high-quality laminate in a beautiful design, you will be delighted with the Tritty 200. This laminate floor from Haro is available in six beautiful designs and nine different surfaces. Therefore it is no problem at all to find a laminate flooring of this series that matches the interior. The optics are brilliant and designed with attention to detail. That is why every laminate flooring in this collection is something very special. With the Tritty 200, the manufacturer Haro shows that it is possible to produce a particularly beautiful laminate in high quality.

Specific characteristics of this laminate

In terms of quality, this laminate can offer a lot. The materials used for the production are all completely harmless. Therefore they do not pose any danger. After all, this laminate from Haro has also been certified with the Blue Angel. It can therefore readily be described as a healthy laminate.

The Tritty 200 laminate is equipped with a moisture-resistant backing. As it is insensitive to high humidity, the laminate is also suitable as flooring in bathrooms or other damp rooms. It is already a great advantage if the bathroom is also equipped with such a beautiful looking floor.

Durable surface

The surface finish of the Tritty 200 from Haro is particularly high quality. It is scratch-resistant and low-wear. Therefore, the laminate can also be laid in all rooms in which it is subsequently exposed to high levels of stress. This applies not only to private homes, but also to commercial properties and commercial use of the rooms. The high surface quality is also advantageous for cleaning. Dirt cannot penetrate the material and cannot adhere stubbornly to the surface of the laminate. This means that all impurities can be removed again in no time at all. This is advantageous in that the cleaning is done quickly. The Haro Laminate Tritty 200 doesn't even mind if the embers of a cigarette accidentally fall on it. The embers do not cause burns.

Laying is no problem

The Tritty 200 from Haro is an easy to install click laminate. This can be laid on almost all substrates. It is also possible to install it in rooms where there is underfloor heating. The heat does not cause any damage to the floor covering. To shorten the laminate panels to the appropriate length, a saw with a fine-toothed saw blade should be available. No other tools are required.

It is recommended that impact sound insulation be laid under the laminate flooring. This results in only an insignificant additional expenditure, which, however, has a great positive effect.

Listing of all advantages of the Haro laminate Tritty 200
  • Extensive selection of different designs
  • Especially scratch-resistant surface
  • Also suitable for the object area
  • Easy to install and clean