HARO Parquet 3500 Longstrip floor with three adjacent elements

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Haro Series 3500 parquet Longstrip flooring for elegant ambience

The haro parquet 3500 series in marine flooring design has both a charming look and noticeable comfort. An ingenious mixture, which you will surely appreciate very much. The floors in this series are all fine wood parquet floors and are of first-class quality. The surface treatment was designed in such a way that the flooring is particularly easy to maintain. So if you want to save time and effort in cleaning and maintaining your floors, you can opt for this series. You will quickly feel the difference to other floors, which require more complex cleaning, and from then on it is even fun to do various cleaning jobs. Wipe damp once and the floor will look like new again, no matter how heavily soiled it was. Even if you need to renovate, you can keep the Haro Parquet 3500 marine floor, because it can even be sanded down if necessary. This saves you money because you do not have to spend extra money on a new floor.

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Exclusive optics in original design

All floors of the Haro Parquet 3500 series marine flooring have a pleasant surface, which results in a very interesting look. The floor image appears harmonious and flowing and due to the three-layer structure the series is ideal for gluing and even for the entire surface. The "Blue Angel" seal of approval is also a great advantage. This is evidence of healthy living and environmental friendliness. In addition, the Haro Parquet 3500 series 3-Strip flooring can also be laid on underfloor heating. The installation is very easy and if you like, you can watch a video to see how easy it really is. This way you will also get a great result if you are a hobby craftsman or woman. Take your time to look at the design of the floors and have a sample sent to you if required. Then you can already see in your mind's eye how great your furniture will look on this floor.

  • High quality
  • Healthy living
  • Environmentally friendly
A touch of elegance and luxury

Beautiful furniture looks even more beautiful when standing on a high-quality floor. Then the furniture and accessories are even shown to their best advantage. The Schiffsboden series has exactly those floors that give an elegant and luxurious appearance. Even simple furniture looks fantastic on it. You will enjoy your new floor for a long time, even after renovation. It can be so easy to conjure a touch of luxury into the rooms.