HARO Parquet 3500

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Haro parquet 3500 in various designs

Many people wish for a parquet floor in their home. This should not only look beautiful, but also not require extensive care and, above all, last a long time. In this case the 3500 parquet from Haro is a good choice. This parquet is available in different wood species. These include oak, beech and walnut. The surface finishes still create certain fine nuances. It is therefore not at all difficult to find a Haro parquet floor that matches the interior. Besides the different types of wood there are other aspects. The parquet 3500 from Haro is available as 1-strip plank and as 3-strip ship's floor.

Finest surface treatment

In any case, special types of precious wood are used in the production. But these are still refined in elaborate work steps. This produces surfaces of a very special quality. First the wood is worked with special brushes. This step serves to make the fine and attractive annual rings more clearly visible. It is quite impressive how the appearance of the woods changes with brushing.

The last step in the surface finishing process is the sealing. 3 different sealings / oilings are offered. The various sealants prevent too much moisture from escaping from the wood. Cracks could form in the wood if moisture is lost. At the same time, the sealant also prevents moisture from penetrating into the pores of the wood. Penetrating moisture makes the wood swell.

Modern sealing has another decisive advantage. It facilitates cleaning immensely. Even damp dirt cannot penetrate the wood and cause permanent discoloration. Therefore, the dirt can be easily removed again.

The laying of this parquet

Do-it-yourselfers are always delighted when they can lay a new floor covering themselves. On the one hand this work is fun and on the other hand it saves costs for craftsmen. Since the manufacturer is aware of this phenomenon, he has designed Haro Parquet 3500 so that it can be laid even by laymen. The planks are provided with tongues and grooves. These simply have to be plugged together at a slight angle and pressed down. This innovative connection system is called TopConnect by the manufacturer.

For stability, an HDF carrier board is used for this parquet. This is not resistant to moisture. Therefore, the floor covering cannot be laid in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms. However, there is nothing wrong with occasional damp mopping.

All advantages of Haro Parquet 3500 listed
  • Many fine wood species are available
  • Elaborately machined surfaces
  • Permanent surface sealing
  • No pollutants and unpleasant odours
  • Easy to install thanks to special tongue and groove system
  • Robust quality and long durability