HARO Parquet 4000 Plank Plaza

Haro Pakett 4000 Plank Plaza - the floor to feel good

Haro Pakett 4000 Plank Plaza for environmentally friendly elegance If you focus on tangible and visible quality in your choice of floor, you will be particularly pleased with the 4000 Plank Plaza series. These premium oak floors pamper both your eyes and your feet. You will feel this immediately when you walk on the floor without socks. Immediately you feel safe and secure and enjoy your homelike feeling of home. Opt for one of the floors in the 4000 Plank Plaza series and you are opting for the highest possible living quality. You can expect attractive soft colours, which can be combined perfectly with your furniture. The texture of the floors themselves, together with the coarseness, provides a great contrast to the respective colour. Oak wood has structures that give your home a very special flair. This appears high-quality and yet cosy. It is also possible to rely on the natural character of the floors and also expect elegance.

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