HARO Parquet 4000

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Haro Parquet 4000, as hip as never

Parquet flooring made its entrance into residential buildings in the 19th century, during the industrialisation. But the strip parquet laid at that time cannot be compared in the least with what the manufacturer Haro offers its customers today with the Haro Parquet 4000 in terms of living comfort and appearance. A major difference is that conventional parquet made of solid wood strips will warp over time, resulting in wide joints in which dust and dirt can then accumulate. This does not happen with multilayer parquet 4000, because its transversal middle layer gives it more dimensional stability. The parquet form is divided into two areas. In ship's floor parquet, with three adjacent staves and the country house floorboards, which consist of a continuous ceiling element. With these floor coverings, the company easily succeeds in convincing and upgrading the most diverse rooms, because:

  • with over 90 floors, the high quality Haro 4000 Series plank range offers customers a wide variety and richness of variety
  • parquet 4000 convinces as ship's floor, plank as well as wide plank Plaza and makes every room shine
  • the classic plank format (220 x 18 centimetres) with its continuous top layer gives the rooms a spacious look
  • whether kitchen or living room, the parquet 4000 from Haro is always the right choice
  • very light floors such as Oak puro ice, Oak Alabama or a darker shade such as smoked oak, for every style of furnishing you can find the matching Parquet 4000
  • in addition to the different colour shades, various woods such as oak, amber oak, ash, beech, larch or walnut can be selected
The design, dark or light, smooth or structured

In addition to the different types of wood, Haro also offers various surface treatments and structures for parquet flooring. Depending on the selected finish, the parquet appears closed and smooth or rather open-pored. Besides smooth planed surfaces, structured and brushed woods are also available. With certain finishes, the firmer annual rings are retained and some of the soft wood is removed. This allows for lively surfaces with an antique touch. The naturalness of the parquet can be further emphasized with suitable care.

Matt surface finish NaturaDur

Special sealants with individual special lacquers ensure comfortable care and easy cleaning.

Easy installation of Haro Parquet 4000

The parquet is equipped with the Top Connect click system, which is why the planks can be laid floating and glued to the subfloor easily and effortlessly. The parquet structure is three-layered with a middle layer of strong spruce wood, which gives the parquet a special stability. The country house floorboards are also ideal for laying on underfloor heating.

What else speaks for the Parquet 4000 from Haro

  • The AquaShield moisture protection effectively protects the parquet from short-term moisture
  • Parquet floors are noise-insulating
  • Responsible treatment of nature: Haro uses only wood from sustainable forestry for all parquet variants